Monday, 1 August 2011

Garden Goodness

Here is a little post about my garden incase anybody is interested.

can you see my little pink garden friends hiding in all those lovely candy coloured flowers? they are my trusty garden gardians, i had these even before i had a garden, i got them whilst i was still living in a flat in anticipation of having a garden. They were the first ever things i brought for our new house over 7 years ago.

They came all the way from Amearica because those sorts of things just wernt available to buy in the UK at the time, i bring them in every autum and put them out again every spring. I love them, they just brighten up the garden.

Am i a little mad?.....yes i think i am

Have you got anything like that in your garden?

Take care
x Becci x


  1. I love your flamingo's, they look fab.

  2. Why have I not got flamingos? What a marvellous idea.
    A house in our village has a life-sized cow in the front garden.
    Mad, but true.

  3. Hi

    What great pink flamingos... we have only been in our new house for about 2 months now so not too much gardening been going on... but our hanging baskets out the front are strawberries.. great to come home to each time we go out to see how they are doing (just hope the postman doesn't indulge too much!lol)

    Have a good week

    Tabs x


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