Friday, 1 August 2014

Haberdashery yummy ness

I love haberdashery, I fact I'm obsessed, I have tons for sale in my little shop, ranging from fabric, needles, chalk and scissors I love it all 

I also love my tacky charity shop Bambi, well all things tacky really.

As well as buying haberdashery I've been sewing up some samples, I just love this little mermaid inspired top and skirt, I may have to make myself one ( in a much larger size)

As well as haberdashery and skirts I've been spending time with the bunnies, Darth Elvis has settled in brilliantly and he is really part of the family now, the only problem is that I now want more bunnies, how many is too many do you think?

Right I'm off to do some cross stitch, I've been doing a lot recently and I'm developing my own range of naughty and nice cross stitch kits which should be online very soon ( I hope ).