Saturday, 5 February 2011

Look what i did

Hi, im blogging again, i did say that i would :)
ive uploaded a few pikkies of what ive been up to

here are some white sausages with ears, they later become fully formed bunnies but i was tempted to leave them like that, they are so yummy.
my granny square blanket is getting big, although i dont do as many rows a week as id like, the bigger it gets the longer the rows take to complete but i will get there, ive been doing it for 6ish months now and i want it to be big enough to cover my king size bed. so im thinking it will be ready in maybe 8 years when my eldest goes to uni :)

ive been crocheting these cute merry go rounds, i found the tutorial from lola novas blog, im a bit rubbish at technology and have no idea how to link it so if you would like the page just google lola nova merry go round frame. ive made loads, well to many really, i do intend on putting pictures in them but they also look fab just on the wall.

ive also been making jar cosys, they are so so easy and the tutorial that i got from carinas craft blog is so easy to follow, she does the best tutorials!

i thought that maybe you may like to see my most favorite room in the house, its not quite finished yet but i absolutly love love love it! its my conservatory, its such an inspiring and thoughtful place, id sit in there all day everyday if i could, its got all my yarn, ribbon,fabric,craft materials and books in it and a nice big table for me to sit at, or my favorite chair to just sit in with a cup of tea and look out in to my garden. i cant wait for the summer :)

My inspiration book shelf

Today Mr Bunny has been hard at work painting my (*ahem* OUR) kitchen, i wanted it pink but Mr B was not impressed so we settled on a green, it was a baby blue which i loved but i fancied a change. The green is nice but im not sure if i like it in the kitchen, im sure it will grow on me. Maybe it needs more pink accessories?

My teacup collection has also grown alot thanks to my mum, ive had to start putting them ontop of the cabenets as i have run out of room inside but i think it looks nice.

A little snap shot of all the lovely crafty books i have, some of them are really old, the orange on my gran gave me and its quite amuzing in the way it is written.

i also got this lovely book recently, its such a good crochet book, how cute are these dolls???

and this tea cosy, it will be my next project i think

right after ive made this absolutly amazing blanket

The book is called cute and easy crochet and its by a lady called Nicki Trench. Here is the cover of the book, how cute is it?? ive only really tatted about with it but ive had a little read and the patterns seem easy to follow and there is a section at the front giving clear and well illustrated instructions on differnt stitches incase you are a begginer (or just forget how to do them like i so often do) i think its written using english crochet terms but its not to hard to convert it to american crochet if you need to, im sure you can get a table of converted crochet terms offa the internet
and thats it really, tomorrow is sunday so hopefully a nice relaxing day *Hopefully*
take care
Mrs B x