Sunday, 22 December 2013

New year, new projects

So in the new year I'd like to do more dress making. It's something I have done and can do fairly well if I have the time to sit and read patterns etc. I'm going to kick start this new bit of my business with making something for me. 

I'm going to use this awesome Cynthia Rowley dress pattern, I'm going to make the green version of the dress ( second one down) but maybe lengthen the skirt a bit. I might also give the jacket a go if I get time.

I'm going to make it from the day of the dead lightweight cotton and fully line it in black as it is a bit thinner than the other cottons I have. I think it will also make it feel more like a party dress and add fullness to the skirt, we will see. Once I've tried it out in cotton I'd like to have a go at denim, I haven't a clue how that will turn out, probably crap but I won't know untill I try ......right? 

I will be using my trusty dressmakers book to help me if I get stuck, it's not ever let me down yet. It's an brilliant book to have on hand incase you forget how to do something, it explains linings, inter linings, zips, pockets ( oooohhh pockets, there is an idea! My dress will now have pockets!) and tons of other stuff that you can't possibly cram in to your brain. So I'd recommend it.

I'm going to start by tracing the dress size as close to my own size on to dots and cross paper, then I can adjust it accordingly to get the best fit possible. I'm going to try and remember to document it and blog my progress but you all know what I'm like. Rubbish that's what. 

Anyway I'm going to do all of this during January ready to begin teaching a dress makers course in March so if you would be interested in signing up please get in touch via my website
Or facebook

The course will start off with the basics like pockets, seams and zips. You will produce samples of each and once you are happy you will make a mock up of your intended dress (I can't decide wether to provide you all with the same pattern and sew along together or  you can bring in your own pattern).
Once you are happy with the mock dress you can move on to your real dress and hopefully get it all finished. I might even organise a night out at the end if the course where we can all wear out dresses, Whadda ya think? I love the idea, any excuse for a party.

Right so step 1 will be deciding on my size and making a pattern. I'll let you know how I get on

Bunny x x x 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lots of lovely leopard print

Leopard print features heavily in my life. I just love it! I even use it in my product photos. 
A lot! 

Jack and Sally hair bows available on my facebook page

Our lady of Guadalupe embroidery sampler also available to order.

I wear it a lot as well

I even have it on my glasses. It's just so retro and lush, it reminds me of Betty page. Although I would never ever ever wear a real leopard, it's all faux ( like you couldn't tell anyway)

Anyone else love leopard print?