Sunday, 27 March 2011

March adventures 2011

Here are some lovely pictures of Barmouth and Harlich. we went on a little day trip on saturday it wasnt planned but i find that more often than not that those are the best days. we were really lucky with the weather as the midlands was dull and foggy all day, as was most of the rest of wales. The mountains are stunning and i would recomend that anyone take a trip through wales at anytime of the year. anyway enough gassing....enjoy the pictures

thank you for looking

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog from the forest

Today i went to Cannock chase, its a beautiful place especially when its sunny, which it was. the kids loved the woodland park ant the wildlife trail. but they really loved the enchanted fairy forest. its so cute, there are little sets of stairs carved in to the trees and little fairy doors put over them. inside the little doors is sprinkled fairy dust and above the little apartments, amongst the branches are stringed little washing lines with fairy clothing pegged to them. I'm not sure but i may have enjoyed it more than the kids! we plan on going back soon so i promise to get some more detailed photos.
Look how calm the woods look

And this is a picture of one of the fairy trees. can you see the little doors and washing line?

This was a lovely piece of woodland art, you can add to it yourself

I love it when the sun is shining, I'm so easily affected by the weather. Ive had good company, sunny weather and a rather nice Cappuchino so all in all one fab day

Thursday, 17 March 2011

As i promised here are some pictures. ive been a busy bunny recently, i hate to sit around doing nothing, i get bored, depressed and sleepy. Id much rather be having a nice walk or doing some crochet. Recently i have taken up sewing again, i really need to get in to it again, my poor old sewing machine is looking very neglected and could probably do with a good service.

ive not been up to much, just work. It feels like all i do is work sometimes but i bet we all feel like that at some point in our lives, i always thought id be further along than this though, im 30 this year and always imagined id have a lush pad in the country by now. Never mind ill aim to have it by the time im 40.

im making alot for my home at the mo, here is a cute cosy for my cafetiere, it took no time at all i was really surprised by the outcome, i love it! i might make my mom one for mothers day.

And i also made a teacup pincushion for my new pins, it only took me 5 minutes, im definitely going to make more of these for gifts.

I got some fake cherries from china a while back and ive been wracking my brains on how to store them until i use them, they have just been sitting in the grey plastic bag they came in (what an awful shame)
They are so pretty so i decided to display them sort like cherry a jar (good huh?)

A nice bit of gingham ribbon just to finish the jar off, what do you think? it would be a shame to use them all now.

and last but not least, it was pancake day last week and i spent over an hour making 2 massive batches of pancakes. It took Mr B and the little buns just under 15 minutes to finish off the lot, thats gotta be a good thing ....right?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ive been doing ALOT of thinking....

....and that cant be good?...can it? ive been looking around lots of very inspiring blogs, they all have beautiful pictures and brilliant narrative. ive fallen in love with a few of them because they are just so darn inspiring.i check them almost on a daily basis in the hope that the blogger has posted more lovely pictures to excite and inspire me.

im going to try and learn more about blogging, ive been looking in to what makes a good blog and id like to apply those findings to my own. i love to blog when i get the time, ive got so much running around in my head that its nice to get it all written down to mull over at a later date, and if it can bring some amusement to someone else than thats great too.

Anyway in future i am going to try and blog more often, im going to set aside an hour a week to blog my little heart out, im going to try and figure out how to make my home page look lovely and im going to take lots more photos. Id also like to stop waisting my time, somedays i look back and wonder what it is ive been up to all day, sure i childmind and i sometimes o use it as an excuse to not do much with myself ( not the kids, thay always get all of my attention )but i am going to do more in the garden maybe, the kids would love that im sure :)

anyway i was going to post some lovely pics of things ive been doing but blogger is being slow and ive gotta go get the littles from nursery. i hope to blog real soon x x x

P.S id love to know what you all do for a living im so nosey you see and i like to know how other ppl fit things in to their days.