Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A new little man

For those that didnt know....we are expecting again.its a boy, here are some scan pics taken this morning at 22 weeks :). All is well and we are all happy to be adding another member to our family,although when the baby is born me and DD will be outnumbered.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Busy little bunny

Hi all, I've been a busy Bunny recently. I've become obsessed by bird boxes, i made one from scratch out of card board and now i have prettied up my old one that hangs outside my conservatory window. we have never had birds nesting in it and i think that is a bit down to the cat so i jazzed it up with some fake flowers and a glue gun.
 I also stuck my card birdhouse to the wall and made a little display on my cabinet. it still needs something adding to it but ill get there and please ignore the wall, it is intended to be plastered but first we have to lay the underfloor heating and put some plug sockets on the wall. So I'm sure the plastering and painting will happen soon (is 2013 soon?) if you can think of what may be missing from my display please let me know. I'm hoping to add some more brightly coloured glass and candles and maybe a plant.

 Also this week the kids spotted a frog in the garden, isn't he handsome? I'm not sure where he came from as we haven't got a pond in our garden or in the neighbours gardens, he must have travelled a long way and jumped some high fences to end up at our house! The girls wanted me to kiss him to see if he turned in to a prince but i declined, Disney has allot to answer for.

 Another thing I've been doing is rooting around in peoples bins, well not rooting this one was sitting at the top so i rescued it and gave it a new home. i love wicker, i have lots, too much in fact but one more piece didn't hurt anybody and now it holds some yummy smelling mint which makes the conservatory smell like a cottage herb garden.

I'm currently trying to stock up for a craft fair that I'm doing in August, i know that seems like ages away but I'm really unorganised so i decided to start now. I've never sold at a craft fair before so if you have any hints and tips id be glad to hear them. Anyway id better get back to it I'm supposed to be steam cleaning the bathroom...... yuck. Not my most favorite job. id rather be reading blogs :)
x x x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My thrifty finds

I visited my local charity shop today. I dont usually see much but today I found 3 things I liked. The first was a glass dome with a little handle, I suspect at one point it may have had a base to it but no matter I can still find a use for it, it only cost me 75p. The second thing was some blue glass I think its a trinket box but I think I will use it as a candle holder, that cost me 40p. The 3rd item was a lemon squeezer it was only 60p. All 3 items are in perfect condition no scratches,chips or anything. I also saw 2 lovely plates but I ran out of cash so I will be going back tomorrow to see if they are still there. The other items in the photo are from the same charity shop but I got them a while back. The strawberry pot was 1.25 and the tureen type thing was 3.25. I love a good bargain me.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Mollie Makes

i purchased the first copy of Mollie Makes at the weekend, i paid for it, popped it safely in my bag and intended to read it from cover to cover when i got home whilst sipping a lovely cup of tea.......that was the plan anyway.

But i just couldnt wait so i had a little peek, then another then i read one article, and devoured all of the pictures and adverts. i couldnt help myself and before i knew it we were home and i had read the whole thing in the car :(.

I loved it. it is like reading my favorite blogs but its all handly printed out on lovely paper so i can take it with me. i will read this issue untill its dog eared and scruffy, i cant wait for issue 2!

check out for details of subscriptions, ive subscribed and the first 3 issues are only £5, what a bargain.

Who loves flowers?

......i do. <3

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I finally finished the birdhouse

My little birdies arrived today so I finished it off this morning. I am so happy with it, its not often I just make things for the sake of it im usually making things to sell or for other people. But I stumbled accross the teawagon tales blog and it had a tutorial and some very inspiring photos so I thought that it looked fun so I gave it a go,this is how it turned out.......

And this is what it looks like after ive had a play around with it on my new app on my new phone.

I got my new phone on saturday and although its not an Iphone like I wanted (im not paying the line rental on one of those!) Its still fab, I havnt put it down all week and it works just like my ipod touch and I love it, which is a good job really as ive got it untill I can upgrade un 2 years time. So far its been a good week. :) x x x

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

I nearly lost it.

I very nearly deleted my blog. It made me
feel so sick. I was trying to add some tags to the top of my page by following a tutorial and messing with the html codes. Well I have learnt my lesson, I will never ever mess with things I dont understand again! Im obviously a bit computer stupid. How do you all make your blogs pretty and individual? And how on earth do you add a little folksy shop link/button? Are there courses you can go on?

Anyway I like to pretty all my posts up with photos and because im blogging from my new phone I only have this one of my son looking very cool and ready for the sun (although it was throwing it down with rain when the pikkie was taken)

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