Saturday, 22 December 2012

Buying handmade for Christmas

Hello lovelies, I'm slacking in the blogging department again. I'm super busy with Xmas orders so ill try my bestest to blog when I can.

I recently did a brilliant vintage and craft fair, the atmosphere was great, the stall holders  were awesome, it was the best one ever. Over 1500 people came through the doors on the day and I was in between my two fave vendors the first was Katie at she is mega ace and I love working next to her, 
she always has a pen which is usefull as I always forget or loose mine and her cushions and 
cake stands are super lush! The second was Zoe At her cake is amazing and she always makes me a breakfast
Peanut and bacon muffin. 

I'm not sure about fairs for next year, I love doing them but I've not got any booked in.
I'd love to run one from my own house/ garden, is it doable? Have any of you
Ever done it? Advice on this would be amazing. 

Right I'm off, I'm hoping I will have more time to blog in the future but untill then happy
Christmas and a merry new year x x x

I blog with BE Write

I blog with BE Write

Friday, 19 October 2012

craft fairs and treasuries

Hello there, how are you all? im ok, ive been a busy bunny on etsy this week and ive made some fab treasuries
and here are the links to my treasuries:- 
my moustache treasury:-
my Haloween treasury:-
and my bag treasury:-
i am a bit obsessed with them at the mo, i think they are a brilliant way to showcase yours and other talented makers items.
in other news, i recently did this fair, it is run by two fab ladies called Ellen and Dawn they work really hard and it always pays off i just love doing their fairs

and this is me manning my stall


and these are my next two events, im soooooo looking forward to them if you are in the midlands please pop over
right im off to bed i hope you are all well
x Becci x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tis the season to be spooky

Autumn is here, it is my most favorite time of year, the smells, the colours, the feeling of the frost in the morning (although i could totally do without the effin rain).
My workshop/dining room/ conservatory is getting very cold which is a shame as i love to spend time in there, i have to put 3 pairs of socks on to stop my toes getting frostbite on the tiled floor whilst im sewing! i think its time to get on at hubby again about underfloor heating and some blinds, do you think i could write it off as a business expence?
as the nights have been drawing in i have been thinking about Halloween, its my daughters birthday on the 27th of october so halloween has always been fun and i love love love to dress up. what should i be this year? She wants to go in to birmingham and spend lots of money on trendy clothing and eat at a posh restarant (she is only 13!) and i want to get dressed up and take her trick or treating but apparently that is lame!. They grow up far to fast
this is my spooky halloween etsy treasury, its got some of my favorite halloween items on it all made by a crafty bunch of people.
have a little peek and maybe buy something handmade this halloween, sometimes all the mass produced crap just gets a bit to much.
and this is my handmade halloween contribution so far:-

Its mostly bags to be honnest but i love to make them, im really trying to buy more handmade items this year, i love getting handmade things you can see all the love and hardwork that goes in to them and its ace to support small businesses.
in other news, ive started my dressmaking course, its going ok. we have covered seams and this week is zips and i got to use the overlocker so im getting there.
hope you are all well, im off to bed, night night
Becci x

Monday, 1 October 2012

How the time flysthe boy is already 1

One year ago today i was in labour, it was a really quick one too, my massive 9lb 10 oz baby was born, blue as the sky and the cord wrapped around his neck in the early hours of the morning. He scared the shit out of the midwife who pressed the emergency button bringing about 6 other midwives rushing in to the room, he was blue and wasn't moving, but i knew he was OK, i rubbed him hard whilst she got rid of the cord and lifted him to my chest and he just looked at me, blinked, took a massive breath and let out the biggest scream Ive ever heard.....that's my boy! a drama queen from the beginning.

He was a very ugly baby for the first few weeks but he grew out of it.

and now i cant get enough of him, everybody loves him, he is a wonder and a pleasure.

i love my baby Frankie

Happy Birthday son, all the pain, blood sweat and tears were worth it and i would do it all again.
x x x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The C September.

That's right...i said it! the C word.......noooo you awful lot not the C U next Tuesday word it was the Xmas word! Yep that's right I'm doing Christmas orders in September ( i actually started them in June but they are coming thick and fast now). My making diary is booked up until the end of October so time is running out to get those handmade goodies for your loved ones.
i have been making stockings and bunting this week...ooh and bags, here they are:-
Just look at these awesome colours, i love it when my customers are a bit wacky

and if you haven't noticed i do have a bit of a thing for Elvis so i made another bag to take with me to my next craft fair.

If you are near Bridgnorth please please come along, it is such a beautiful venue and Bridgnorth is stunning, it is packed full of charity shops, a brilliant street market and loads of pubs. Not to mention little gallery's, the old castle park which has a brilliant view of the Severn valley railway and of course the best vintage and handmade fair ever.

I hope you will be able to come along, i will be bringing, bags, toys, bunting, necklaces and a catalogue of my other items to order, there is always loads of kitsch, cute and vintage items and the atmosphere is amazing. so there or be square!
Becci Bunny x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

website bliss

Yes I'm a clever clogs...well not really its only a free and basic site but i finally built my own website. and anyone that knows me also knows that this is nothing short of a miracle as I'm really rubbish with computers.
It doesn't do much, it basically directs you to my facebook page but it is a start.
it would be great if you could pop buy and test it out for me, let me know how you get on and i can change it accordingly. Any ideas are gratefully received as i am still very new to all of this.
ive been embroidering tea and cake banners this week:-
This is my first one proudly hanging in my kitchen. They are easy to do and use up your scraps so well worth doing.
I've also been making bibs for my next craft fair which is in 2 weeks, I've been rushed off my feet with orders so i haven't got much stock but it will be always is.

I Love the last one, its very autumnal here, who loves Halloween? .....i do! i cant wait, im gonna decorate with banners and spiders webs and all kinds of spooky things.
I hope you are all well.
Becci x

Friday, 31 August 2012

Buttercup bags and a little givaway

Well this week has been amazing, I've had loads of really interesting orders. I love sewing for others as i am running out of room in my house for all my fabric creations. I have gone buttercup bag mad, if you haven't heard of this lovely bag (where have you been? hiding under a rock?) you can download a free small version here or if you want you can buy the larger version and make to sell. I have made myself 4 of these babies so far and i love love love them, i don't get much chance to use a handbag as Frankie is only 1 and still requires what feels like a suitcase full of things every time we leave the house, but when i do use one i use it in style. here are my bags.......

I cant get enough of those bag charms, they really make the bag stand out. sooooooo who wants to win a bag charm? you can have whatever you like, a moustache, a tea cup with your initial on, a shabby chic yo yo brooch, a super cool embroidered pic of Elvis, a nautical themed yo yo brooch, something spooky for Halloween? you tell me what you want..... these are the rules, you must go to my facebook page here and comment on the highlighted status. just tell me what you have been doing, what items you like, what you wish i would make, or just say  hi. whatever you want. and if you are feeling the bunny love share a pikkie or two on your page and i will enter you again in to the draw. i will run this until next Friday, happy commenting
All i want is for as many people s possible to see my work and hopefully like it
who will help me? join the handmade revolution!
Thank you all ( can you tell I've had my first sip of wine in 3 months?)
Becci x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Everybody..say hello to Randy

I have brought myself a new sewing machine, i needed it as my SE400 is set up for embroidering and its a pain in the ass to convert it back to sewing, also i can just hoop up my fabric, choose a design and push the go button and my little SE400 ( her name is Babbette, Babs for short) will quite happily sew away whilst i get on with other things so really Randy has doubled my productivity ( in theory).

Here he is.......

isn't he handsome?!?!?. i totally love him, i can tell he will be a total workhorse, he is sturdy and well built with lots of fab functions like a top loading bobbin and automatic needle threader. I got him from sewing machines direct and the service was amazing, he came the next day and i got loads of brilliant freebies, i don't think i will ever have to buy thread again and the fluorescent yellow is eye bleeding brilliant.

in other news i am definitely signing up for a dressmaking course, it starts in September and i cant wait, i will be wearing snazzy unique well fitting dresses in no time (i hope)

i know I've been a bad blogger but i will try my best to post more often i promise.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

oops sorry

Oh dear, im not doing very well at this blogging thing am i? im so so sorry, i havnt blogged for ages again, my life just gets in the way sometimes, i have 3 kids, 2 jobs and a house to look after so blogging is way down the bottom of the list but i promise to try harder. its just a quicky to show you all wat i have been doing with my time, i hope you like it x

Friday, 9 March 2012

wow wee

wow , its been an awfal long time since i posted, i wish there were more hours in the day, ive had a little break from crafting and have read all your lovely blogs, but in true blogger style it wont let me post comments (grrrrrr) here are some pikkies of what i have been up to

as you can see its mostly bunting and dinos, ive done loads. its a good job i love sewing

im doing this at the end of the month
im really looking forward to it but shitting myself at the same time, i hope i have enough stuff to fill a table!
and lastly Thing 3 is doing really well, i love love love his cloth nappies, they are so cute

im definatly a cloth convert and i try to convert as many other people as i can.
right in off to bed im falling asleep at the pooter. take care
X Becci X