Tuesday, 2 August 2011

my UFOs for the month

OK so here is my first finished project for the month, Ive had this stuck in my head for ages now and the fabric has been cut out waiting for over a month it was only down to my lack of wire coat hanger that it was never started. But i found one in the coat cupboard and the rag wreath was finished within the hour! yay!
i also finished my yarn wreath, it has been wrapped in yarn for a long time now and I've just been waiting for the right embellishments to come along....i waited and looked until i realised that i had them all along, so i borrowed a few yoyos from my yoyo quilt pile and stuck em on. what do you think?

shamefully i haven't done much to my crochet blanket and to be honest i am getting a little bored with this one, i think it may be the uniform colours, maybe i need to mix it up a little? i know it will look nice when its finished but I'm struggling a bit getting it done.

and last but not least is my patchwork blanket, i have done absolutely nothing to this for two weeks as I've been on holidays and the house we stayed in didn't provide a sewing machine (how very dare it) and i cant see myself adding to it anytime soon as the kids somehow decide that they will argue every time the sewing machine is out and i like to get a good few uninterrupted hours in at a time so i think it will have to wait until they go back to school.

so my projects for this month are to make things for the craft fair I'm attending on the 20th August. i have a bit done but it is my first craft fair so I'm not to sure what to take and how much of it. ill let you know how i get on. if you want to join the UFO support group you can do so here, its a great way to keep up with all those projects that you want to finish but cant quite muster the enthusiasm. Although saying that i have lots more UFOs than i am going to admit to, i have a real problem with concentration and willpower.

what are your shameful UFOs?

Take care
x Becci x

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  1. Such lovely bright colours x
    Your further with your blanket than me, mine is still just a bag of yarn!!


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