Monday, 22 August 2011

Wow the time is flying. only 2ish weeks left of the holidays and only 5 weeks until my due date....eek! Because of the holidays i haven't had much time to craft or blog which is a shame, I've been trying to get myself organised for this new baby and the kids organised for school. Ive also been trying to organise myself and my own life, I've been thinking a lot about what i want to do for work when i finish my maternity leave, at the moment i am self employed but I'm not 100% sure i want it to stay that way. i dunno, i haven't come to any conclusions, I'm very indecisive and a bit flighty.

I've joined in my very first swap, the partners will be announced in a few days and I'm very excited, I've never done one before so any tips would be great.

take a look at the swap here

I've also rediscovered pinterest  I've been a member for ages now but I've only recently got the app for my ipod touch which was a bad idea because now i spend even less time making things and even more time looking at lovely things other people make.

here are some really nice images that i found and have pinned them in to my inspirations pin bored on pinterest.

 i just love the colours, i cant get enough of them, i think its because my living room is black, white and red and i hate hate hate it but hubby wont let me redecorate.

if you would like you can follow me on pinterest here

I've also been looking around blogs, i love reading blogs, especially ones about other peoples work space or handbag contents, I'm so nosey its unreal. Ive also noticed that the more popular blogs offer things to the readers like tutorials or giveaways. I'm not very good at articulating so I'm not sure about writing a tutorial, also I'm not sure that i could offer anything original to make.

ill have a little think about what i could do to contribute the the crafty blog sphere.
sorry this post is a bit naff and lacking in substance but I've really done nothing but look after the kids, what a hard life? ;)
x Becci x


  1. Hey! It's not naff or lacking in substance woman! I enjoy reading your posts & looking at the pics you post :) I know what you're saying about give aways etc..... I've been collecting the odd thing for a giveaway but can't seem to get the confidence to do it! Lol that's my excuse anyways! Don't forget what you're doing at the moment.....the most important thing and creative thing of all.....making a whole other person!!! Whilst looking after young children. that's no mean bloody well done!!!

    Take care,

    Jo x x x

  2. Yeah dont sweat it, you should be blogging for yourself, don't ever feel pressure to do stuff to please readers or others. Im amazed you find time to blog at all with all thats going on.
    I'm another pinterest addict, I have lost hours on there ~ I'm now following you.
    Re. the swap, just get in touch with your partner and decide on a few rules (how many items/how much etc), likes dislikes, timescales etc and all will be fine. Hopefully you will be paired with someone who has done it before and she can guide you. I've joined that one too
    Kandi x

  3. Oooo, lovey, you just concentrate on that bubba.
    I love pinterest and spend waaaaaay too long on there, too!

  4. Aww thank you for the comments. I do blog mostly for myself but its nice to know that someone maybe reads it sometimes. :) I did get in touch with my swap buddy and ive put a few bits together already. Im gonna have another nosey at het blog later to get some ideas. Im really looking forward to it. Im definatly going to take part in more swaps. X


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