Saturday, 22 December 2012

Buying handmade for Christmas

Hello lovelies, I'm slacking in the blogging department again. I'm super busy with Xmas orders so ill try my bestest to blog when I can.

I recently did a brilliant vintage and craft fair, the atmosphere was great, the stall holders  were awesome, it was the best one ever. Over 1500 people came through the doors on the day and I was in between my two fave vendors the first was Katie at she is mega ace and I love working next to her, 
she always has a pen which is usefull as I always forget or loose mine and her cushions and 
cake stands are super lush! The second was Zoe At her cake is amazing and she always makes me a breakfast
Peanut and bacon muffin. 

I'm not sure about fairs for next year, I love doing them but I've not got any booked in.
I'd love to run one from my own house/ garden, is it doable? Have any of you
Ever done it? Advice on this would be amazing. 

Right I'm off, I'm hoping I will have more time to blog in the future but untill then happy
Christmas and a merry new year x x x

I blog with BE Write

I blog with BE Write