Sunday, 29 August 2010

its been a while

hi, its been ages since ive had the time to blog, i havnt really got time now but i dont care, this past few weeks has been busy, and today we had to take your cat to the emegency vets, its cost us £100, but she did get some pain killers and a 14 day course of antibiotics. She had been fighting with another cat and the cat bite had formed an absis, anyway it burst last night and left a big gaping hole, we didnt know what had happened so we had to take her to the vets, i wouldnt have her suffer. well at least i know what im getting for my early xmas pressie now.....a vets bill :)
ive also finished my red crochet scarf this week, im very happy with it, i know its not perfect but i love it anyway, thats the point of handmade right?

ive also cracked on with my slytherin inspired scarf, ive told myself that im not allowed to start anything new untill i have finished all of my started projects and i ordered this cute book from amazon the other day.

and im sure all my time will be taken up with making things from that once it gets here, i think i have approximatly 4 days to complete all my projects before it gets to me. (but i want it noooooow) so far i have fixed 3 dresses, finished my red scarf and made a load of things to sell on ebay and take to the tattooists to sell for me. i still havnt finished the dreaded blanket but i had better get a wriggle on as the baby is due in 3 weeks, i spoke to the lady that owns my local haberdshery and she was very helpful and recomended blanket binding instead of bias binding (i never knew there was such a thing) i was a little embarrased at not knowing this but as i told her, its a learning curve for me and if you dont ask you dont get. :)
i have also been thinking alot about starting a craft/sewing group, im going to look in to it definatly, if i pull it off i really cant say, ill keep you posted tho.
here is a pretty picture for you to look at as i am now tired and really need to go to bed, night night x