Sunday, 18 December 2011

I dont do nice....

......i only do camo, kitsch,maybe a bit tacky?
My mothers tree is devine, its all colour co-ordinated and lush, its ivory and gold heaven on a tree. But dare I say it.... A little to boring for my taste? (sorry mom).
I like kitsch, tacky, garish, I love the phrase "camp as christmas". I love tacky birds, pound shop decorations and wonky fairys, I like home made by the kids. So now ive given you fair warning here are my trees in all their white fakery goodness.

So there you have it two camp and proud trees. Im sorry I havnt been around having a 3rd child has really been a massive shock to the system but im getting more organised (sort of) so hopefully ill be back on track soon

All thats left to say is Have a wonderful christmas and a fun filled new year and ill see you on the other side :)
X Becci X

Friday, 2 December 2011

my christmas makes

ive been a busy bee making xmas decorations. mostly for myself, family and friends but i do have a few left over so ive popped them in to my folksy shop, you can have a little peek here if you like.

 ive done some bunting (obviously)
 some hearts
 and some birdies
ive used my lovely new sewing machine with its fancy stitches. i will do a review of my machine soon because it is so utterly fabulous i love it. i never even dreamed that an automatic needle threader could give me so much joy.

what have you all made for xmas?

take care
x Becci x