Monday, 22 August 2011

Wow the time is flying. only 2ish weeks left of the holidays and only 5 weeks until my due date....eek! Because of the holidays i haven't had much time to craft or blog which is a shame, I've been trying to get myself organised for this new baby and the kids organised for school. Ive also been trying to organise myself and my own life, I've been thinking a lot about what i want to do for work when i finish my maternity leave, at the moment i am self employed but I'm not 100% sure i want it to stay that way. i dunno, i haven't come to any conclusions, I'm very indecisive and a bit flighty.

I've joined in my very first swap, the partners will be announced in a few days and I'm very excited, I've never done one before so any tips would be great.

take a look at the swap here

I've also rediscovered pinterest  I've been a member for ages now but I've only recently got the app for my ipod touch which was a bad idea because now i spend even less time making things and even more time looking at lovely things other people make.

here are some really nice images that i found and have pinned them in to my inspirations pin bored on pinterest.

 i just love the colours, i cant get enough of them, i think its because my living room is black, white and red and i hate hate hate it but hubby wont let me redecorate.

if you would like you can follow me on pinterest here

I've also been looking around blogs, i love reading blogs, especially ones about other peoples work space or handbag contents, I'm so nosey its unreal. Ive also noticed that the more popular blogs offer things to the readers like tutorials or giveaways. I'm not very good at articulating so I'm not sure about writing a tutorial, also I'm not sure that i could offer anything original to make.

ill have a little think about what i could do to contribute the the crafty blog sphere.
sorry this post is a bit naff and lacking in substance but I've really done nothing but look after the kids, what a hard life? ;)
x Becci x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Charity shop find

Omg omg I had to share this brilliant charity shop find with you, hubby definatly wont appreciate it and the kids hate me going in to charity shops, so who better to share this with than all my lovely bloggy friends.

Isnt she lovely? I saw her from through the window and practically knocked people over to get to her. I snapped her up and checked her over for any cracks or broken bits and there were none hurrah! All the while I was checking her there was a man looking over my shoulder giving me those put the item down vibes, not a chance she was mine, and at £1.50 I think this may be the bargain of the century.

Ive put her on my shelves just waiting for some lovely things to put in her, im thinking buttons.

Yes I am aware that ive just dedicated a whole post to a small blue glass chicken but I dont care, I love it that much.

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The Tudors self catering holiday home, Torquay

My holiday review of

Wow what can i say? the house itself is stunning if not a little odd in its layout although in sure that's probably something that the owners cannot change.

 The house is set out on 4 floors, one floor being the basement where you get a washing machine and tumble dryer and an extra fridge and freezer although i don't think its used often as when we went to use it we found food in the freezer with last years sell by date on it! we also didn't use the tumble dryer because you get slapped with a charge at the end of the holiday if you used too much electricity which i think is disgusting considering how much we paid to rent the house for a week.

the ground floor consisted of a dining room, kitchen and two reception rooms which is fabulous but again a little strangely set out, i actually spent my whole time in the house thinking of ways i could make the house  better and a little more user friendly. the kitchen could do with being a little bigger and the decor is very dated but not in a good way but although a little small the kitchen was well kitted out with cutlery, pans etc and it had 2 dishwashers which was brilliant for a lazy family like ours. (who wants to do washing up on your holidays anyway?). The TV in the living room was tiny and i know that you don't go on holiday to watch the TV but my grandma and grandad love their soaps and they are both in their 80,s so a little TV time is OK, if only you could see the screen.

we had the room at the top of the house with an en suite which was very modern and looked new but our bedroom was a disappointment, it was two single beds pushed together and not even made up to look like a double, it also had a massive mould patch on the wall where they had obviously had a leak and not bothered to sort it out. There was an areal port sticking out of the roof but no TV and the wifi was a joke.

The week went on along the same lines, the house is lovely and because it was so old you do expect creaking and noises and dated decor but it became obvious that the caretakers didn't actually take much care of the property, just little things like peeling plaster and a lick of paint here and there wouldn't go amiss. The garden was a little bit shabby and the pond looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years, i wouldn't let the kids go near it in case they caught something from the stagnant water. As for the games room....well it was a storage room with a table tennis table in it. The house had been empty for at least 1 week before we arrived so why where these little jobs not done?

*sigh* what can i say the house is lovely and is perfectly situated for the shops, harbour and beach but so many little things let it down. if you went to a hotel and found it in this condition you would immediately complain and demand to move to a better room so why put up with it when renting a self catering house.

I'm rambling arnt i? so in summery
the house is lovely but needs attention. I would not stay there again as i know that you can get better accommodation in torquay for far less money.

Yummy pie

My fab neighbours gave me some courgettes and marrows the other day. They grew them in their garden. Im not very confident when it comes to experimenting with food so I popped a few in to a good old fashioned cottage pie. Yum. I know it was yummy because the kids ate every last little bit and my kids are my harshest critics. I have a few left so im off to browse through my cook books to find a nice recipie. What is your favorite cougette recipie? Have a yummy day everybody

Becci x

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Monday, 8 August 2011

im a crafing black hole......

...... i have nothing in me, no inspiration, no projects i want to finish or start, nothing. I feel like i spend so much time cleaning up after other people that i have no energy left for anything and i don't want to mess up the clean with crafty gubbins. *sigh*  I'm in a proper rut.
This wouldn't be a problem really as I'm on maternity leave and have another 6 weeks till baby appears so i have lots of time to regain my mojo...however....i am selling at a craft fair on the 20th of this month and although i have a few bits and pieces to sell i don't have anything of note, all the stock looks a little disjointed and there is no theme to my work. Also i have never sold at a craft fair before and I'm pooping myself a bit, i know that this is a reaction to me being nervous and shy but i just don't want to do it anymore, i feel like everything i create is pants and I'm not really enjoying it as much as i used to, as you probably guessed I'm not good even under the slightest pressure.

Have any of you sold at craft fairs before? any tips?

its such a shame I'm in such a down mood because there are such lovely things to look at and inspire....

Large image

i saw this in issue 4 of handmade living and it sang to me, if i had £30 to spare i would buy it now.

Bustle skirt kit - Echino designs
and this stunning skirt from, i wish i would hurry up and win the lottery.

i think i just need a change maybe, i feel like I've been waiting for this baby forever and as i get bigger and clumsier and tireder (is that a proper word?) i feel more and more crap and uninspired.

what do you guys do when you feel a little like a black hole?

Take care
x Becci x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

holiday fun

This post will be mostly pictures because a picture paints a thousand words......and I'm lazy.

we went on holiday to Torquay last week with my whole family. It was a little bit stressful as there where 10 adults and 3 kids in one house but we managed to have a few relaxing days, the weather was brilliant and of course the kids loved it and got spoilt rotten.

 i love this pic, thing 2 and daddy are pointing and laughing at thing 1 as she got on a
a fair ground ride, it was the one that throws you round in circles and drops you from a great height, its usually called the terminator or something along those lines. Thing 1 loved it but her face whilst she was on the ride was hilarious.

 Thing 2 was actually quite scared by this huge plastic penguin.

 look at all those lovely houses and shop fronts. i have a million pictures like this but i find that photos never do the actual places justice. This was in Dartmouth, it is one of my most favorite places along with Brixon and Teingnmouth. They are all lovely quiet places with candy coloured houses and lovely harbours to stroll around.

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 at the living coast zoo

 Thing 1 at Paignton zoo

 can anybody tell me why this tortoise shell is taped up? they where all like that, is it to hold them together?

 Having fun at the arcade with dad any uncle Alister

and there ends my post, i have a million pics to post but these are a few of my faves. Hope you are all having good holidays.
take care
x Becci x

just a quicky (its a pluggy sort of a post)

(browse my folksy shop HERE)

I have added some lovely new things to my folksy shop today, ive also revised my prices a bit and am offering free UK delivery for a little while. So please take a look at my humble little folksy shop i only do it out of love for crafting but it would be great if i could make a bit back so i can buy more lovely fabrics.

also would anybody be interested in a givaway? ive gained loads of followers recently and would love to say thank you. It would be a bit of habby and some items from my shop. whatta ya think?

Take care
x Becci x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

my UFOs for the month

OK so here is my first finished project for the month, Ive had this stuck in my head for ages now and the fabric has been cut out waiting for over a month it was only down to my lack of wire coat hanger that it was never started. But i found one in the coat cupboard and the rag wreath was finished within the hour! yay!
i also finished my yarn wreath, it has been wrapped in yarn for a long time now and I've just been waiting for the right embellishments to come along....i waited and looked until i realised that i had them all along, so i borrowed a few yoyos from my yoyo quilt pile and stuck em on. what do you think?

shamefully i haven't done much to my crochet blanket and to be honest i am getting a little bored with this one, i think it may be the uniform colours, maybe i need to mix it up a little? i know it will look nice when its finished but I'm struggling a bit getting it done.

and last but not least is my patchwork blanket, i have done absolutely nothing to this for two weeks as I've been on holidays and the house we stayed in didn't provide a sewing machine (how very dare it) and i cant see myself adding to it anytime soon as the kids somehow decide that they will argue every time the sewing machine is out and i like to get a good few uninterrupted hours in at a time so i think it will have to wait until they go back to school.

so my projects for this month are to make things for the craft fair I'm attending on the 20th August. i have a bit done but it is my first craft fair so I'm not to sure what to take and how much of it. ill let you know how i get on. if you want to join the UFO support group you can do so here, its a great way to keep up with all those projects that you want to finish but cant quite muster the enthusiasm. Although saying that i have lots more UFOs than i am going to admit to, i have a real problem with concentration and willpower.

what are your shameful UFOs?

Take care
x Becci x

Monday, 1 August 2011

Garden Goodness

Here is a little post about my garden incase anybody is interested.

can you see my little pink garden friends hiding in all those lovely candy coloured flowers? they are my trusty garden gardians, i had these even before i had a garden, i got them whilst i was still living in a flat in anticipation of having a garden. They were the first ever things i brought for our new house over 7 years ago.

They came all the way from Amearica because those sorts of things just wernt available to buy in the UK at the time, i bring them in every autum and put them out again every spring. I love them, they just brighten up the garden.

Am i a little mad?.....yes i think i am

Have you got anything like that in your garden?

Take care
x Becci x