Thursday, 4 August 2011

holiday fun

This post will be mostly pictures because a picture paints a thousand words......and I'm lazy.

we went on holiday to Torquay last week with my whole family. It was a little bit stressful as there where 10 adults and 3 kids in one house but we managed to have a few relaxing days, the weather was brilliant and of course the kids loved it and got spoilt rotten.

 i love this pic, thing 2 and daddy are pointing and laughing at thing 1 as she got on a
a fair ground ride, it was the one that throws you round in circles and drops you from a great height, its usually called the terminator or something along those lines. Thing 1 loved it but her face whilst she was on the ride was hilarious.

 Thing 2 was actually quite scared by this huge plastic penguin.

 look at all those lovely houses and shop fronts. i have a million pictures like this but i find that photos never do the actual places justice. This was in Dartmouth, it is one of my most favorite places along with Brixon and Teingnmouth. They are all lovely quiet places with candy coloured houses and lovely harbours to stroll around.

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 at the living coast zoo

 Thing 1 at Paignton zoo

 can anybody tell me why this tortoise shell is taped up? they where all like that, is it to hold them together?

 Having fun at the arcade with dad any uncle Alister

and there ends my post, i have a million pics to post but these are a few of my faves. Hope you are all having good holidays.
take care
x Becci x

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  1. I love a beach holiday, me- something about sand and kids that go together so well!
    Looks like yup had a brill time. Lovely to see your photos.
    Have a great weekend.


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