Monday, 8 August 2011

im a crafing black hole......

...... i have nothing in me, no inspiration, no projects i want to finish or start, nothing. I feel like i spend so much time cleaning up after other people that i have no energy left for anything and i don't want to mess up the clean with crafty gubbins. *sigh*  I'm in a proper rut.
This wouldn't be a problem really as I'm on maternity leave and have another 6 weeks till baby appears so i have lots of time to regain my mojo...however....i am selling at a craft fair on the 20th of this month and although i have a few bits and pieces to sell i don't have anything of note, all the stock looks a little disjointed and there is no theme to my work. Also i have never sold at a craft fair before and I'm pooping myself a bit, i know that this is a reaction to me being nervous and shy but i just don't want to do it anymore, i feel like everything i create is pants and I'm not really enjoying it as much as i used to, as you probably guessed I'm not good even under the slightest pressure.

Have any of you sold at craft fairs before? any tips?

its such a shame I'm in such a down mood because there are such lovely things to look at and inspire....

Large image

i saw this in issue 4 of handmade living and it sang to me, if i had £30 to spare i would buy it now.

Bustle skirt kit - Echino designs
and this stunning skirt from, i wish i would hurry up and win the lottery.

i think i just need a change maybe, i feel like I've been waiting for this baby forever and as i get bigger and clumsier and tireder (is that a proper word?) i feel more and more crap and uninspired.

what do you guys do when you feel a little like a black hole?

Take care
x Becci x


  1. Oh chickadee! You poor thing. I'm afraid I don't really have any tips. I've been there myself and all I can say is that it passes in time and suddenly you just get the urge again. Are any of the baby things tempting to you. For instance Amy Butler's Little Stitches? Let me know because I have a copy that you can have with pleasure. If you fancy it send me your addy and I'll post it to you. Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  2. I don't have any tips either babe but I hope you get your mojo back! The things you make are beautiful and you inspire me! I am a mere amateur compared to the things you create, please don't be disheartened xxx luce

  3. Oh hun, being in a rut is proper rubbish!
    But don't worry- it will pass. Once you have that lovely little bundle in your arms, you will be dreaming of lots of new projects. Some things for baby, some things for mummy!

  4. thank you for the book offer amanda, i cant believe that you would just give me a book! that is so generous and nice of you, i will decline the offer though as i dont want to take advantage of your good nature :) and thank you everybody for the messages of support,but unfortunatly i still dont feel like crafting x

  5. Sometimes doing lots of the same thing for a craft fair can dent the mojo quite a lot - I made so many make-up bags in July, I haven't been near a zip so far this month! Find a little project on Ravelry to make for yourself and do bits of it as a reward when you've finished craft fair things xxx


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