Wednesday, 27 July 2011

shoes (a very girly post)

i love not just love adore!

 i have loads and most of them i just look at because i cant walk in them. a few years ago my new years resolution was to learn to walk in heels but alas my poor poor feet simply could not take it, i managed a pair of wedges that are reasonably high and they are still my favorite pair of shoes today but i could not manage sky scraper heels so my bunions will have to wait to have a chance to form. whilst i am waiting for the miraculous day that my feet don't scream in protest at shoes any higher than 2 inches here are some of my favorite shoes. They are all from irregular choice, i have 1 pair of irregular choice shoes but i aim to have at least 3 pairs by the end of the year.

i love the huge fabric flower on these and I'm sure you could probably create something similar yourself.

i love the red patent material and the big red bow,  also because they are wedges they should be easier to walk in. (should be!)

i have no idea when or where i would wear these but i would wear them god damn it! probably just pottering around doing the housework.

who doesn't like pastel coloured bunnies on their shoes?

 and little monkeys and polka dot bows?

 these are my favorite, although I'm not a pink person and i have nothing pink to wear them with, again probably more of a housework shoe.

 what is it about purple suede that makes me sigh with lust *sigh*

and who can resist a powder pink pussy cat?

So there you have it, shoe lust at its best, i know that some of these are in the current sale so pop on over to have a look. unfortunately they are still too expensive for me so ill just look and drool all over my keyboard until i win the euro millions.

take care
x Becci x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Patchwork adventure part 1

 Good morning, what an awful rainy Tuesday morning i do hope that the weather picks up in time for the 6 weeks holidays. if not i have got more than enough to be getting on with.

I have become more than a little obsessed with patchwork, i browse pictures and tutorials for hours online and i thought it was about time that i gave it a go myself. i had a little go at it here and whilst it wasn't a complete success i thought id give it another go. Id already cut my squares so all i needed to do was to sew them together. i found a tutorial about nesting seams here and i thought that it was great it really helped me to get those seams to match up.

 i cut my squares the old fashioned way, using a ruler and scissors and i know that my measurements were not perfect so that is why some of the squares are a little off, i also didn't want to confuse myself by following a pattern  or having to count too much (I'm easily confused) so Ive sewn them in a completely random pattern.

 as you can see i pretty much made it up as i went along and although the quilt is far from attractive it is a good starting project. when i have finished it i will maybe use it as a picnic blanket.

Ive definitely learnt a lot through starting this project, the most important thing is probably that you have to be spot on with your measuring otherwise your whole project wont look right, I think that my seams look OK but they are not perfect, also i thought it would be a quick and easy thing to do and actually it does take quite a bit of time you cant rush it. so grab a coffee and some fabric and get patch working!

 i will have mine finished the by the end of the 6 weeks holidays.........promise! (maybe)

take care
x Becci x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

i have a problem

i have a problem..........i am a crafting butterfly, i flit from project to project almost without thinking about it and unfortunately this has resulted in allot of UFOs. Luckily Ive joined a support group and discovered that I'm not the only one, far from it in fact. we are going to post all of out UFOs at the end of each month and hopefully give each other a much needed kick up the bum to finish some of those poor neglected projects. I'm really looking forward to it to be honest and just the thought of someone else in the same position is giving me inspiration to get on with it :) 

 anyway here are 3 of the projects that i will be posting at the end of this month. In the white tureen are scraps of fabric that i intended on making in to a rag wreath, the circles are destined to be made in to yoyos for a cushion cover and throw and the squares are my first attempt in patchwork (well my second). i have chosen just cheap fabric to practice on as i know naff all about patchwork and quilting but if it turns out OK  i will make it in to a blanket for the garden. To be fair these projects have only been lying around unfinished for a few weeks now but i know that if i don't sort it out they will never ever get done.

 i have also been busy with oil cloth this week, i ordered some spotty red to cover some old tables and they look fab but i have loads left over so Ive made a table runner (see below) and i thought it would make good place mats too. Ive also ordered some green and yellow polka dot oil cloth so i can line some shelving (i will post pics when it is finished) and make some nice bright waterproof bunting for the garden. i read this blog recently and she has some brilliant ideas for making your outside more usable and i think her garden looks fab so its inspired me to try and jazz up my garden a bit and because I'm really rubbish at gardening bunting seems like the next best thing (well to me it does).

 This week has also seen my first venture in to patchwork. i recently treated my unborn baby myself to a cath kidston nappy bag in the cowboy oilcloth and i wanted a taggy to go with it, so i looked on eBay and couldn't find what i was looking for so i purchased some fabric and had a go myself. It took forever, i couldn't get the squares to line up, the sewing machine  had a hissy fit, and to top it all off the fur on the back was a nightmare to sew it kept moving around and puckering. id like to say never again but the end product came out OK, i know its a little wonky and all of the squares are different sizes but I'm happy with it because i made it for my child....and it took ages :)  just watch the baby loose it in the first week i give it to him.

 and here is a little peek at the nightmare fabric on the back

if anyone has any patch working tips it would be great to hear them, i have a book on the subject but i learn much better by having a go myself and talking it through with others.

and remember if you are a crafting butterfly there is help out there for you

take care x x x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

lazy blogging

This is a very lazy blog post just so you know that im still here. it is an inspiration post. ive collected pictures over the years and here are a few of them. unfortunatly im a bit rubbish and i cant remember where most of them came from so if you recognise a icture let me know so i can give credit where credit is due.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pregnant and crafty

Ive been a very busy bunny recently, what with going to nursery induction afternoons, midwife appointments and finishing off the last of my childminding paperwork before my maternity leave starts in a few weeks its been non stop. Im 29 weeks this week so I still have 11 weeks left to go (more if im unlucky) and im already feeling slow, heavy and uncomfortable so expect some pregnancy related moaning in the coming weeks.

On the plus side ive been childminding less so ive had more time to make things, I updated my folksy shop this morning so be sure to have a little look if you have time, any feedback on the items, prices etc is appreciated and of course if you would like to buy something that is very welcome too and will definatly be going towards the babys room decorating fund. Here is a little of what ive been up to, im afraid I have gone a little yoyo mad im definatly going to make afew cushion covers and a throw, I find that hand sewing is very calming and will be cutting some circles to take on holiday with me.
Sad huh? Anyway enjoy the pics and take care x x x

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Friday, 1 July 2011

A bit of this and that

 This morning i have updated my folksy shop with a few bits and bobs and it took ages, i had to take and edit photos and then list the items and its taken me nearly 3 hours! oh well its not like i had anything better to do ;)

(sage green and pink floral yo yo corsage)

(blue floral and red polka dot corsage)

( and a selection of different colourways)

(and yet more colourways)

i have gone a bit yo yo mad, they are so easy to make, you can do it in front if the t.v and they look ace when they are all jazzed up with buttons and ribbon. i have pinned one to my new teawagontales bag. she has a beautiful blog and a lovely etsy shop. id recommend a lookkie if you have time. Anyway with the amount of yoyos i have i think im going to start a quilt, it will be my first and hopefully not my last.
I have just started following this blog beaky crafts i brought a brooch from this lady a while ago and i just found her business card in a pile of yarn at the bottom of a basket. her blog is ace, and her folksy shop is great too i would suggest a little peep if you have time,i hope the link works as its the first one i have done. I'm getting the hang of this blogging lark. I have tried out a bread recipe on her blog and it was yummy, it was for feta and sun dried tomato bread, its lovely with a but of salad and hummus.

anyway this blog post has been 3 days in the making due to blogger being a bit pants and not uploading my pictures so sorry for the wait.

Take care

P.S. All of the blogs i follow are ace and all are worth a look at and most also have little folksy/etsy shops with lots of lovely and creative things in. Please take the time to have a look and support the handmade revolution!!!