Friday, 12 August 2011

Charity shop find

Omg omg I had to share this brilliant charity shop find with you, hubby definatly wont appreciate it and the kids hate me going in to charity shops, so who better to share this with than all my lovely bloggy friends.

Isnt she lovely? I saw her from through the window and practically knocked people over to get to her. I snapped her up and checked her over for any cracks or broken bits and there were none hurrah! All the while I was checking her there was a man looking over my shoulder giving me those put the item down vibes, not a chance she was mine, and at £1.50 I think this may be the bargain of the century.

Ive put her on my shelves just waiting for some lovely things to put in her, im thinking buttons.

Yes I am aware that ive just dedicated a whole post to a small blue glass chicken but I dont care, I love it that much.

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  1. Such a cute chick and in a gorgeous colour too, don't blame you for grabbing it :) love your shelves by the way.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh she's gorgeous! What a bloomin fabulous find!!!!

    Jo x x

  3. what a great find, I love her too and I think buttons would be the perfect 'filling'!

  4. That is just about the best thing I have EVER seen!!
    Well deserving of a post of its own.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. I love love love charity shop finds! And she is so pretty - well found :)

  6. thank you for the comments, she is still sitting on my shelves looking bright and blue. everytime i look at her i smile. simple things, simple minds :)

  7. It goes so well with all your other stuff, I'd have totally bought it too :D

  8. Utterly Divine, I love her and 'well jel' as they're supposed to say down my way! I adore charity shops, my most recent purchase was a good sized crochet blanket in lovely rainbow colours for £2.50 (wool not acrylic)!

  9. it deserved a whole post as its SO nice! Re the swap, I think the best advice I can give is to look through your partners blog and see what they like, some people like vintage, some like Scandinavian style, I for one have a thing for hearts and 'likes' normally show through on peoples blogs. As an idea though, you cant go wrong with things like candles, edibles, toiletries, notebooks, pens...anything within theme and easily postable really.
    Have fun!!

    BH x


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