Friday, 9 March 2012

wow wee

wow , its been an awfal long time since i posted, i wish there were more hours in the day, ive had a little break from crafting and have read all your lovely blogs, but in true blogger style it wont let me post comments (grrrrrr) here are some pikkies of what i have been up to

as you can see its mostly bunting and dinos, ive done loads. its a good job i love sewing

im doing this at the end of the month
im really looking forward to it but shitting myself at the same time, i hope i have enough stuff to fill a table!
and lastly Thing 3 is doing really well, i love love love his cloth nappies, they are so cute

im definatly a cloth convert and i try to convert as many other people as i can.
right in off to bed im falling asleep at the pooter. take care
X Becci X