Tuesday, 19 October 2010

just a quick one

a scarf for a pressie, still needs finishing
a case for my camera because ithe free one from the shop didnt fit

to show you what ive been doing, ive made a camera case, ive also made some cute little crochet teddys but i havnt got a pikkie yet, im going to have to steal them back off my kids. im going to make some for xmas pressies. im also in the prosess of making a carf for a pressie for xmas, and ive made some little day of the dead amagurumi for dean and lacey, oooh go me :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

its been a while

hi, its been ages since ive had the time to blog, i havnt really got time now but i dont care, this past few weeks has been busy, and today we had to take your cat to the emegency vets, its cost us £100, but she did get some pain killers and a 14 day course of antibiotics. She had been fighting with another cat and the cat bite had formed an absis, anyway it burst last night and left a big gaping hole, we didnt know what had happened so we had to take her to the vets, i wouldnt have her suffer. well at least i know what im getting for my early xmas pressie now.....a vets bill :)
ive also finished my red crochet scarf this week, im very happy with it, i know its not perfect but i love it anyway, thats the point of handmade right?

ive also cracked on with my slytherin inspired scarf, ive told myself that im not allowed to start anything new untill i have finished all of my started projects and i ordered this cute book from amazon the other day.

and im sure all my time will be taken up with making things from that once it gets here, i think i have approximatly 4 days to complete all my projects before it gets to me. (but i want it noooooow) so far i have fixed 3 dresses, finished my red scarf and made a load of things to sell on ebay and take to the tattooists to sell for me. i still havnt finished the dreaded blanket but i had better get a wriggle on as the baby is due in 3 weeks, i spoke to the lady that owns my local haberdshery and she was very helpful and recomended blanket binding instead of bias binding (i never knew there was such a thing) i was a little embarrased at not knowing this but as i told her, its a learning curve for me and if you dont ask you dont get. :)
i have also been thinking alot about starting a craft/sewing group, im going to look in to it definatly, if i pull it off i really cant say, ill keep you posted tho.
here is a pretty picture for you to look at as i am now tired and really need to go to bed, night night x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

second blog of the year

my crochet blanket
all yummy and crocheted

this is before i sewed it all together, still just a number of squares

ok so here is my second blog, im getting real far with my crochet blanket, it is all sewn together and the ends are all sewn in, i have my fabric but im now stuck on to how to sew it on to the actual blanket here are some pikkies (see above)
i will post more pikkies when ive finished it but to be honnest the thought of sewing fabric on to this is scaring me, i have no idea how to do it, i think im going to tack on the blanket to the fabric then use some binding to tidy it up. im gonna do it all by hand as i dont want to mess it up and i
like to sew fast on my machine.
my next project is very exiting, its my old dolls house, my grandad made it for me and its been in my moms loft for years and years, it is now in my house, im going to strip it right down and re decorate it, im really looking forward to it, ive got some design mags and im gonna make mood boards and everything wooop house i will never have here i come :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

my first blog

ok so here it is, like i said before i dont really know what im doing, ive only just recently got in to blogs. i read alot of blogs, mostly sewing and cookery blogs i like to learn new things and look for things that will inspire me, and most of all im nosey...real nosey.

ive recently (maybe the last 6 months) got in to crochet, i decided to crochet my family a blanket....my god it took forever and the kids broke it within about 2 days but it was rewarding and in the end i fixed it up. so i then decided that i would make all my xmas pressies and with 4 and a bit months to go i thought i would have enough time....im now thinking not! and really how many ppl would appreciate a hand made gift....im thinking that only the ppl that make gifts themselves would appreciate a hand made gift. id love it, im sure my grandma would too and maybe my sister but in an ironic, kooky sort of a way but my mother would prefer a m & s voucher. im gonna make a list of ppl that would appreciate it and start by making those ppl pressies first, good plan batman!

ive started making a baby blanket, its lots of crocheted squares joined together and then im gonna make little crochet flowers to go on top and because im not very good at finishing off im going to attatch a piece of fabric to the other side to tidy it up, ive crocheted the squares and joined them together today ive got some yummy fabric and im looking forward to finishing it.....but i dont know how!

ive looked on you tube for a tutorial but i cant find anything :( should i just hand stitch the fabric o the blanket or should i bind the edges? can anyone give me a clue?

well i dont know how many ppl will read this but i feel better for writing it down, i hope this blog doesnt turn in to my own personal moaning session tho!

im gonna post some pics as well to make it more interesting but for now here is a photo of my new basket