Wednesday, 27 July 2011

shoes (a very girly post)

i love not just love adore!

 i have loads and most of them i just look at because i cant walk in them. a few years ago my new years resolution was to learn to walk in heels but alas my poor poor feet simply could not take it, i managed a pair of wedges that are reasonably high and they are still my favorite pair of shoes today but i could not manage sky scraper heels so my bunions will have to wait to have a chance to form. whilst i am waiting for the miraculous day that my feet don't scream in protest at shoes any higher than 2 inches here are some of my favorite shoes. They are all from irregular choice, i have 1 pair of irregular choice shoes but i aim to have at least 3 pairs by the end of the year.

i love the huge fabric flower on these and I'm sure you could probably create something similar yourself.

i love the red patent material and the big red bow,  also because they are wedges they should be easier to walk in. (should be!)

i have no idea when or where i would wear these but i would wear them god damn it! probably just pottering around doing the housework.

who doesn't like pastel coloured bunnies on their shoes?

 and little monkeys and polka dot bows?

 these are my favorite, although I'm not a pink person and i have nothing pink to wear them with, again probably more of a housework shoe.

 what is it about purple suede that makes me sigh with lust *sigh*

and who can resist a powder pink pussy cat?

So there you have it, shoe lust at its best, i know that some of these are in the current sale so pop on over to have a look. unfortunately they are still too expensive for me so ill just look and drool all over my keyboard until i win the euro millions.

take care
x Becci x


  1. Hi Becci! Thank you for popping by to read my musings! Oh boy I love these shoes. I've got a feeling I'll be scurrying of to my nearest stockist! Specially love the first and the last pairs! Regarding my life, yes it has been varied. This post is just scratching the surface...I didn't mention the Vicar or the New Zealand drug Baron! Seriously! Sometimes I wonder if I should write a book. The down side is that at 51 I feel pretty exhausted by it all! Loads of love, Amanda xxxx

  2. Oh my, I adore shoes too!! I love the ones with the floral flower, so pretty. Can't wait to read your PPF post :0) Yay you likey them too!!



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