Friday, 29 April 2011

My Creation Station

Last week i ordered some new fabric, it arrived in the post a few days later and i love love love it, look at those crazy colours! my original plan for it was bunting for my garden, how ace will that look in the sunshine in the garden? I'm so looking forward to it i can hardly wait to start but i have put the brakes on a little bit as i have one problem, i don't have a cutting mat and rotary cutter. i have a fab pair or fabric scissors that i have been using for over 10 years now but I'm wondering if it is worth investing in a mat and wheel? do you use one? are they worth it? does it make cutting fabric easier, quicker and more accurate?

I really love the spots. do you think they will make a good quilt? I've never made a quilt before but id like to try, id like to make a sofa quilt to snuggle under in the winter using all those mad summery colours.

This is a little bit of my creation station its a little bit of my fabric (the rest is thrown in a random and messy way in my cupboard) and a few of my bits and bobs including a very tacky ceramic girl with a goose that i got in a charity shop for 20p

and some of my craft books

and the mess that i make when i get started.

I love my conservatory, its my most favorite room in the house. Hopefully we are getting underfloor heating so i can still use it in the winter because it gets very, very,very cold. our heating bills have gone through the roof since we got it put on to the back of the house, but i still love it.

Do you have a special space for crafting and inspiration? if so where is it? what does it look like? i love seeing other peoples crafty spaces.

take care

x x x

a right royal knees up

Today was the royal wedding, wasn't it lovely? I'm not completely in to the royal family but i do appreciate an extra day off work (sorry to all those that didn't get one) and i will use any excuse i can to drink tea and eat cake. Also Kate and Wills looked very happy and i wish them love and luck for the future. Anyway back to the cake.

Hubby took over yesterday and would not let me in the kitchen, he takes ages and makes alot of mess but he loves to cook and most of the time his creations come out yummy so i let him get on with it. He made scones which came out a bit flat but it was OK because he made loads and we just used two smaller scones to make one larger scone sandwiched together with clotted cream and Strawberry jam.

He also made some cupcakes and decorated them with little flags and cherries and chocolate eclairs which were also yummy.

We had cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches and egg sandwiches, tea out of little tea cups and some champagne, it was really lovely.

i made some bunting and arraigned the table, i guess i got the easy tasks. I love making my conservatory look all lovely, its my favorite room in the house. How did you celebrate the royal wedding?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


...... i do it too too much. i plan and sketch and make lists and then never follow it through, im really bad at it. id say im lazy which is a little bit true, i often look at all the things i need to produce something and decide that its too much trouble as i need to put it away after. i worry that because i look after other peoples children for a living that everything should be orderly and put away for when they come.

i have come to resent my job of late, i see it as a barrier stopping me from doing the things i really want to do. but i cant decide what it is i really want to do, i change my mind so often and i moan about it ALOT. poor hubby never ever moans about his jobs an never ever bangs on about what he wants out of life it makes me feel really ungrateful. I have a great job, i stay at home and look after children which means i get a chance to be there for my own kids. i guess the grass is always greener and im hankering after a little more stimulation and adult interaction.

im trying to stay positive though, ive ordered some really cheap but brilliant fabric and i will do something with it, i swear x x x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wow what a sunny day

I'm sitting here in my little corner of my lovely conservatory on my own, hubby has taken the kids to his moms for a bit and I'm having some time to myself.

The past week hasn't been a good one, a little boy i look after has been diagnosed with slap cheek and it can be dangerous for pregnant women so I've had to have some blood tests to see if I'm immune. If I'm not i have to have weekly scans to see if the baby is growing well and to check its heart.

iwill get the results in a few days but the stress of waiting is not good and as a result I've been really really sick. i spent all of Thursday and Saturday either in bed or on the bathroom floor. Not fun. Hopefully it will be OK, I've never ever had chicken pox i think i may be immune to that so hopefully I'm immune to this too.

anyway I'm having a little party for the royal wedding, nothing big just some cake and tea so i made some quick bunting out of card.its very satisfying sewing through card.

and last but not least here is a pikkie of my sons breakfast this morning, a mickey mouse pancake. what a good mummy i am :) x x x

Friday, 15 April 2011

camera woe

ive lost my camera............................


..................................please help me find it?!?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

having a play with my camera

So i had a new camera last year, i love it so much but ive never taken photos with it with the purpose of just taking pretty pictures, untill yesterday. so here is my attempt of taking some arty type photos, they were taken around my garden on a very dull and grey day but they came out ok for a begginer.

My childminded children made these for me last year and they are still here. dangling from a not so attractive tree, making it look better. im going to get them to make me some more.

and then i took some pictures of some flowers, we hant got many in our garden this year for some reason. I will definatly be taking a trip to the garden centre this weekend.

and last but not least our two grumpy old men.

Thank you for looking and any photography advice would be much appreciated.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Hi there. did you all have a lovley mothers day?, i did. appart from being ill and looking like a tramp. my kids got me a teddy, some flowers and a cute card, i wouldnt have chosen a teddy as a gift for myself, id much rather have a book or some crafty bits and bobs but i love it because Thing 1 and Thing 2 chose it for me and i think Thing 2 likes it alot so he may adopt it for his own yet. here is Thing 2 modeling it for me. aint he cute?

I made my mother a pressie this year, it was going to be a scarf but i ran out of yarn so i sewed some buttons on it and called it a neck warmer. i think she liked it, you never can tell with my mother.

here is a picture of all my lovely mothers day things, i love my flowes, they are just the right colour to brighten any grey day, i wish i brought flowes more often...maybe i will. my grandma always has fresh flowers in her house, i think she buys them when she does her weekly tuesday treck in to town, i suppose its her little treat to herself.

anyway thank you for looking

take care x