Monday, 21 July 2014

The first day of the 6 weeks from hell

Ok so we are not even half way through the first day but every time I sit down at my sewing machine my kids decide that they want to kill each other so I'm not going to stress, I'm going to sit here play referee and do a spot of blogging. 

Again I have been a very bad blogger, I just keep forgetting to update it. Also my laptop is broken so I'm not able to update my website which is a massive pain in the bum but I can still blog from my phone and as always I do my best to keep Facebook up to date. 

Lots has been going on over at the bunny base, we had two new additions in  the form of baby duck and queen bee our bunnies, unfortunately queen bee died under anaesthetic and we had to get another bunny quickly so that baby duck didn't get depressed. Along came darth bunny ( or as I like to call him Elvis ) 

I loved queen bee tons and darth will never replace her but we had to do the right thing for baby duck. 

He is very well behaved and he and baby duck get on really well.  ****phew****

On the sewing front things have been going well, I start my new job working for Stafford college in September it's only two evenings a week but I really cannot wait to get started, the course is 5 weeks long and a bargain at £42. You can sign up for it and get more info from the Stafford college website. 

I've also been expanding my fabric range to include fleece, calico and jersey. I still stock cotton and poly cotton and all the usual haberdashery as well as buttons, trims etc 

I'm going to try and post most days throughout the holidays so keep popping back. I'm also going to try putting up some free tutorials as soon as my laptop is fixed.