Sunday, 9 September 2012

The C September.

That's right...i said it! the C word.......noooo you awful lot not the C U next Tuesday word it was the Xmas word! Yep that's right I'm doing Christmas orders in September ( i actually started them in June but they are coming thick and fast now). My making diary is booked up until the end of October so time is running out to get those handmade goodies for your loved ones.
i have been making stockings and bunting this week...ooh and bags, here they are:-
Just look at these awesome colours, i love it when my customers are a bit wacky

and if you haven't noticed i do have a bit of a thing for Elvis so i made another bag to take with me to my next craft fair.

If you are near Bridgnorth please please come along, it is such a beautiful venue and Bridgnorth is stunning, it is packed full of charity shops, a brilliant street market and loads of pubs. Not to mention little gallery's, the old castle park which has a brilliant view of the Severn valley railway and of course the best vintage and handmade fair ever.

I hope you will be able to come along, i will be bringing, bags, toys, bunting, necklaces and a catalogue of my other items to order, there is always loads of kitsch, cute and vintage items and the atmosphere is amazing. so there or be square!
Becci Bunny x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

website bliss

Yes I'm a clever clogs...well not really its only a free and basic site but i finally built my own website. and anyone that knows me also knows that this is nothing short of a miracle as I'm really rubbish with computers.
It doesn't do much, it basically directs you to my facebook page but it is a start.
it would be great if you could pop buy and test it out for me, let me know how you get on and i can change it accordingly. Any ideas are gratefully received as i am still very new to all of this.
ive been embroidering tea and cake banners this week:-
This is my first one proudly hanging in my kitchen. They are easy to do and use up your scraps so well worth doing.
I've also been making bibs for my next craft fair which is in 2 weeks, I've been rushed off my feet with orders so i haven't got much stock but it will be always is.

I Love the last one, its very autumnal here, who loves Halloween? .....i do! i cant wait, im gonna decorate with banners and spiders webs and all kinds of spooky things.
I hope you are all well.
Becci x