Monday, 2 June 2014

Wow where did the time go?

Its that time of year again, I've been a bad blogger. I just can't seem to keep on top of it. Hey ho I'm here now and I've been up to loads. First off the sewing classes have taken off on a big way. I'm teaching all ages now and I love it. I did another patchwork cushion workshop on Saturday morning and then an apron workshop in the afternoon. I really do love teaching sewing, it's a valuable skill that should be taught in schools. It give you an amazing sence of achievement and you make some thing pretty too. Everyone seems to go away happy and enthusiastic so that's the main thing.

Patchwork cushions


 The fabric side of the business is also doing well, I've expanded so now I have quite a few rolls and a bit of haberdashery too. My little studio looks a (very messy) shop. 

Sugar skull pin cushions 

Lots of lovely fabric

Sewing kits and FQ bundles

So if you would like some awesome fabric at a great price or you would like to learn to sew please visit my webpage. It has all of the information you need on workshops, lots of lovely photos and even a shop. It's

Please pop by x