Friday, 12 August 2011

The Tudors self catering holiday home, Torquay

My holiday review of

Wow what can i say? the house itself is stunning if not a little odd in its layout although in sure that's probably something that the owners cannot change.

 The house is set out on 4 floors, one floor being the basement where you get a washing machine and tumble dryer and an extra fridge and freezer although i don't think its used often as when we went to use it we found food in the freezer with last years sell by date on it! we also didn't use the tumble dryer because you get slapped with a charge at the end of the holiday if you used too much electricity which i think is disgusting considering how much we paid to rent the house for a week.

the ground floor consisted of a dining room, kitchen and two reception rooms which is fabulous but again a little strangely set out, i actually spent my whole time in the house thinking of ways i could make the house  better and a little more user friendly. the kitchen could do with being a little bigger and the decor is very dated but not in a good way but although a little small the kitchen was well kitted out with cutlery, pans etc and it had 2 dishwashers which was brilliant for a lazy family like ours. (who wants to do washing up on your holidays anyway?). The TV in the living room was tiny and i know that you don't go on holiday to watch the TV but my grandma and grandad love their soaps and they are both in their 80,s so a little TV time is OK, if only you could see the screen.

we had the room at the top of the house with an en suite which was very modern and looked new but our bedroom was a disappointment, it was two single beds pushed together and not even made up to look like a double, it also had a massive mould patch on the wall where they had obviously had a leak and not bothered to sort it out. There was an areal port sticking out of the roof but no TV and the wifi was a joke.

The week went on along the same lines, the house is lovely and because it was so old you do expect creaking and noises and dated decor but it became obvious that the caretakers didn't actually take much care of the property, just little things like peeling plaster and a lick of paint here and there wouldn't go amiss. The garden was a little bit shabby and the pond looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years, i wouldn't let the kids go near it in case they caught something from the stagnant water. As for the games room....well it was a storage room with a table tennis table in it. The house had been empty for at least 1 week before we arrived so why where these little jobs not done?

*sigh* what can i say the house is lovely and is perfectly situated for the shops, harbour and beach but so many little things let it down. if you went to a hotel and found it in this condition you would immediately complain and demand to move to a better room so why put up with it when renting a self catering house.

I'm rambling arnt i? so in summery
the house is lovely but needs attention. I would not stay there again as i know that you can get better accommodation in torquay for far less money.

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