Monday, 1 October 2012

How the time flysthe boy is already 1

One year ago today i was in labour, it was a really quick one too, my massive 9lb 10 oz baby was born, blue as the sky and the cord wrapped around his neck in the early hours of the morning. He scared the shit out of the midwife who pressed the emergency button bringing about 6 other midwives rushing in to the room, he was blue and wasn't moving, but i knew he was OK, i rubbed him hard whilst she got rid of the cord and lifted him to my chest and he just looked at me, blinked, took a massive breath and let out the biggest scream Ive ever heard.....that's my boy! a drama queen from the beginning.

He was a very ugly baby for the first few weeks but he grew out of it.

and now i cant get enough of him, everybody loves him, he is a wonder and a pleasure.

i love my baby Frankie

Happy Birthday son, all the pain, blood sweat and tears were worth it and i would do it all again.
x x x

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