Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tis the season to be spooky

Autumn is here, it is my most favorite time of year, the smells, the colours, the feeling of the frost in the morning (although i could totally do without the effin rain).
My workshop/dining room/ conservatory is getting very cold which is a shame as i love to spend time in there, i have to put 3 pairs of socks on to stop my toes getting frostbite on the tiled floor whilst im sewing! i think its time to get on at hubby again about underfloor heating and some blinds, do you think i could write it off as a business expence?
as the nights have been drawing in i have been thinking about Halloween, its my daughters birthday on the 27th of october so halloween has always been fun and i love love love to dress up. what should i be this year? She wants to go in to birmingham and spend lots of money on trendy clothing and eat at a posh restarant (she is only 13!) and i want to get dressed up and take her trick or treating but apparently that is lame!. They grow up far to fast
this is my spooky halloween etsy treasury, its got some of my favorite halloween items on it all made by a crafty bunch of people.
have a little peek and maybe buy something handmade this halloween, sometimes all the mass produced crap just gets a bit to much.
and this is my handmade halloween contribution so far:-

Its mostly bags to be honnest but i love to make them, im really trying to buy more handmade items this year, i love getting handmade things you can see all the love and hardwork that goes in to them and its ace to support small businesses.
in other news, ive started my dressmaking course, its going ok. we have covered seams and this week is zips and i got to use the overlocker so im getting there.
hope you are all well, im off to bed, night night
Becci x

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