Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Patchwork adventure part 1

 Good morning, what an awful rainy Tuesday morning i do hope that the weather picks up in time for the 6 weeks holidays. if not i have got more than enough to be getting on with.

I have become more than a little obsessed with patchwork, i browse pictures and tutorials for hours online and i thought it was about time that i gave it a go myself. i had a little go at it here and whilst it wasn't a complete success i thought id give it another go. Id already cut my squares so all i needed to do was to sew them together. i found a tutorial about nesting seams here and i thought that it was great it really helped me to get those seams to match up.

 i cut my squares the old fashioned way, using a ruler and scissors and i know that my measurements were not perfect so that is why some of the squares are a little off, i also didn't want to confuse myself by following a pattern  or having to count too much (I'm easily confused) so Ive sewn them in a completely random pattern.

 as you can see i pretty much made it up as i went along and although the quilt is far from attractive it is a good starting project. when i have finished it i will maybe use it as a picnic blanket.

Ive definitely learnt a lot through starting this project, the most important thing is probably that you have to be spot on with your measuring otherwise your whole project wont look right, I think that my seams look OK but they are not perfect, also i thought it would be a quick and easy thing to do and actually it does take quite a bit of time you cant rush it. so grab a coffee and some fabric and get patch working!

 i will have mine finished the by the end of the 6 weeks holidays.........promise! (maybe)

take care
x Becci x


  1. Hiya Becci,
    What a fantastic patchwork project, you've given me the kick up the rear that I needed to get with a patchwork quilt made out of the boys vests and babygrows from when they were tiny [I just couldnt get rid of the cute little things] This will be my first quilt and to be honest although I find the thought of it quite exciting, actually doing it scares me silly but I'm going to give it a go - thanks for the inspiration and cant wait to see it finished.
    Ju xx

  2. I love the colours of this.
    Will add to my 'to do' list. Ha ha- along with everything else!
    Look forward to see this as you progress with it.

  3. Hi

    I found you through a friends blog and have to say it looks lovely, love the spots, my daughter is really into spotty things for her room and love looking at other blogs to get some inspiration on things i can to make her room a bit more girlie (but not too girlie as she doesn't like it too girlie) good luck with the project.

    Have a good week

    Tabs xx


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