Thursday, 14 July 2011

i have a problem

i have a problem..........i am a crafting butterfly, i flit from project to project almost without thinking about it and unfortunately this has resulted in allot of UFOs. Luckily Ive joined a support group and discovered that I'm not the only one, far from it in fact. we are going to post all of out UFOs at the end of each month and hopefully give each other a much needed kick up the bum to finish some of those poor neglected projects. I'm really looking forward to it to be honest and just the thought of someone else in the same position is giving me inspiration to get on with it :) 

 anyway here are 3 of the projects that i will be posting at the end of this month. In the white tureen are scraps of fabric that i intended on making in to a rag wreath, the circles are destined to be made in to yoyos for a cushion cover and throw and the squares are my first attempt in patchwork (well my second). i have chosen just cheap fabric to practice on as i know naff all about patchwork and quilting but if it turns out OK  i will make it in to a blanket for the garden. To be fair these projects have only been lying around unfinished for a few weeks now but i know that if i don't sort it out they will never ever get done.

 i have also been busy with oil cloth this week, i ordered some spotty red to cover some old tables and they look fab but i have loads left over so Ive made a table runner (see below) and i thought it would make good place mats too. Ive also ordered some green and yellow polka dot oil cloth so i can line some shelving (i will post pics when it is finished) and make some nice bright waterproof bunting for the garden. i read this blog recently and she has some brilliant ideas for making your outside more usable and i think her garden looks fab so its inspired me to try and jazz up my garden a bit and because I'm really rubbish at gardening bunting seems like the next best thing (well to me it does).

 This week has also seen my first venture in to patchwork. i recently treated my unborn baby myself to a cath kidston nappy bag in the cowboy oilcloth and i wanted a taggy to go with it, so i looked on eBay and couldn't find what i was looking for so i purchased some fabric and had a go myself. It took forever, i couldn't get the squares to line up, the sewing machine  had a hissy fit, and to top it all off the fur on the back was a nightmare to sew it kept moving around and puckering. id like to say never again but the end product came out OK, i know its a little wonky and all of the squares are different sizes but I'm happy with it because i made it for my child....and it took ages :)  just watch the baby loose it in the first week i give it to him.

 and here is a little peek at the nightmare fabric on the back

if anyone has any patch working tips it would be great to hear them, i have a book on the subject but i learn much better by having a go myself and talking it through with others.

and remember if you are a crafting butterfly there is help out there for you

take care x x x


  1. Hi Becci,thankyou for so much for linking me to your blog. I love the little tag blankie you made,its so cute.take care,juliexxx

  2. Hi Becci,
    I've just come across your blog through 'A tale from toadstool house'. You have a lovely blog here..
    Love the taggy! Very impressive, I've thought about making myself one for my little baba, but I just so rubbish at organising my time so I can get things like that done..!

    Ashley xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Think it's best to just jump in and have a go. You sort of find your own way of doing then that suits you. One tip that I've learnt from screwing up my first quilt is to tape the backing fabric to the floor, then lay the batting on top and the patchwork on that. Pin all over from the middle out and then sew it from the middle out too. Says she who knows this now, but haven't tried it yet, but I trust my friend who told me this!


  4. Hello - what a great blog you have here!
    Have laughed through most of your posts (tell me they were meant to be funny).
    I too am a bit of a butterfly crafter and have several things on the go and a gazillion more in my head. It's a wonder the kids ever get fed.
    Speaking of which, their gormet dinner of chicken nuggets and mash is getting cold.
    Off now, but am your latest follower so I can be inspired by your crafty goodies.
    If you have the time, do pop over and see me - I like a go at crochet and am learning to sew too!

  5. Cant wait to see your projects completed and the little taggy is soooo cute.
    Have a great week - Ju x

  6. ooh thank you all for the great replys and tank you to my new follower for following me, i have now followed back :) x


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