Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pregnant and crafty

Ive been a very busy bunny recently, what with going to nursery induction afternoons, midwife appointments and finishing off the last of my childminding paperwork before my maternity leave starts in a few weeks its been non stop. Im 29 weeks this week so I still have 11 weeks left to go (more if im unlucky) and im already feeling slow, heavy and uncomfortable so expect some pregnancy related moaning in the coming weeks.

On the plus side ive been childminding less so ive had more time to make things, I updated my folksy shop this morning so be sure to have a little look if you have time, any feedback on the items, prices etc is appreciated and of course if you would like to buy something that is very welcome too and will definatly be going towards the babys room decorating fund. Here is a little of what ive been up to, im afraid I have gone a little yoyo mad im definatly going to make afew cushion covers and a throw, I find that hand sewing is very calming and will be cutting some circles to take on holiday with me.
Sad huh? Anyway enjoy the pics and take care x x x

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  1. Hello, thanks for your comment! My boyfriend is about 10 mins from Wightwick but we only discovered it last year!

    I remember becoming a follower of your blog but for some reason I'm not now - I only realised when I saw this post that I hadn't seen any updates from you... I'll re-follow!

  2. I've made a few Yo-yo's too and used them for birthday presents. I love the colours on yours, they look great on your shoes.


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