Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wow what a sunny day

I'm sitting here in my little corner of my lovely conservatory on my own, hubby has taken the kids to his moms for a bit and I'm having some time to myself.

The past week hasn't been a good one, a little boy i look after has been diagnosed with slap cheek and it can be dangerous for pregnant women so I've had to have some blood tests to see if I'm immune. If I'm not i have to have weekly scans to see if the baby is growing well and to check its heart.

iwill get the results in a few days but the stress of waiting is not good and as a result I've been really really sick. i spent all of Thursday and Saturday either in bed or on the bathroom floor. Not fun. Hopefully it will be OK, I've never ever had chicken pox i think i may be immune to that so hopefully I'm immune to this too.

anyway I'm having a little party for the royal wedding, nothing big just some cake and tea so i made some quick bunting out of card.its very satisfying sewing through card.

and last but not least here is a pikkie of my sons breakfast this morning, a mickey mouse pancake. what a good mummy i am :) x x x

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