Friday, 29 April 2011

a right royal knees up

Today was the royal wedding, wasn't it lovely? I'm not completely in to the royal family but i do appreciate an extra day off work (sorry to all those that didn't get one) and i will use any excuse i can to drink tea and eat cake. Also Kate and Wills looked very happy and i wish them love and luck for the future. Anyway back to the cake.

Hubby took over yesterday and would not let me in the kitchen, he takes ages and makes alot of mess but he loves to cook and most of the time his creations come out yummy so i let him get on with it. He made scones which came out a bit flat but it was OK because he made loads and we just used two smaller scones to make one larger scone sandwiched together with clotted cream and Strawberry jam.

He also made some cupcakes and decorated them with little flags and cherries and chocolate eclairs which were also yummy.

We had cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches and egg sandwiches, tea out of little tea cups and some champagne, it was really lovely.

i made some bunting and arraigned the table, i guess i got the easy tasks. I love making my conservatory look all lovely, its my favorite room in the house. How did you celebrate the royal wedding?

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