Tuesday, 19 April 2011


...... i do it too too much. i plan and sketch and make lists and then never follow it through, im really bad at it. id say im lazy which is a little bit true, i often look at all the things i need to produce something and decide that its too much trouble as i need to put it away after. i worry that because i look after other peoples children for a living that everything should be orderly and put away for when they come.

i have come to resent my job of late, i see it as a barrier stopping me from doing the things i really want to do. but i cant decide what it is i really want to do, i change my mind so often and i moan about it ALOT. poor hubby never ever moans about his jobs an never ever bangs on about what he wants out of life it makes me feel really ungrateful. I have a great job, i stay at home and look after children which means i get a chance to be there for my own kids. i guess the grass is always greener and im hankering after a little more stimulation and adult interaction.

im trying to stay positive though, ive ordered some really cheap but brilliant fabric and i will do something with it, i swear x x x

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