Friday, 29 April 2011

My Creation Station

Last week i ordered some new fabric, it arrived in the post a few days later and i love love love it, look at those crazy colours! my original plan for it was bunting for my garden, how ace will that look in the sunshine in the garden? I'm so looking forward to it i can hardly wait to start but i have put the brakes on a little bit as i have one problem, i don't have a cutting mat and rotary cutter. i have a fab pair or fabric scissors that i have been using for over 10 years now but I'm wondering if it is worth investing in a mat and wheel? do you use one? are they worth it? does it make cutting fabric easier, quicker and more accurate?

I really love the spots. do you think they will make a good quilt? I've never made a quilt before but id like to try, id like to make a sofa quilt to snuggle under in the winter using all those mad summery colours.

This is a little bit of my creation station its a little bit of my fabric (the rest is thrown in a random and messy way in my cupboard) and a few of my bits and bobs including a very tacky ceramic girl with a goose that i got in a charity shop for 20p

and some of my craft books

and the mess that i make when i get started.

I love my conservatory, its my most favorite room in the house. Hopefully we are getting underfloor heating so i can still use it in the winter because it gets very, very,very cold. our heating bills have gone through the roof since we got it put on to the back of the house, but i still love it.

Do you have a special space for crafting and inspiration? if so where is it? what does it look like? i love seeing other peoples crafty spaces.

take care

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  1. I'm so jealous that you've got such an organised craft space! Mine spreads all ove the house, I think the bathroom and the kitchen are the only rooms that have escaped!
    I only use scissors, I don't think I do enough quilting projects to warrant investing in a mat and rotart cutter.

  2. thank you for the advice, i nearly brought one today but i resisted as i really dont think i need one just yet. and its only that organised because im a childminder and i dont want the little kiddies getting hold of things they shouldnt. im on maternity leave at the beginning of july so i estimate that by the end of july all my craft will be all over the place :)

  3. Hello :)

    Love the ziggy spotty fabric. I have a cutter/mat but actually still prefer my scissors as I can cut quicker with those.

    I have a craft space but tend to spread out all over the house!


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