Monday, 4 April 2011

Hi there. did you all have a lovley mothers day?, i did. appart from being ill and looking like a tramp. my kids got me a teddy, some flowers and a cute card, i wouldnt have chosen a teddy as a gift for myself, id much rather have a book or some crafty bits and bobs but i love it because Thing 1 and Thing 2 chose it for me and i think Thing 2 likes it alot so he may adopt it for his own yet. here is Thing 2 modeling it for me. aint he cute?

I made my mother a pressie this year, it was going to be a scarf but i ran out of yarn so i sewed some buttons on it and called it a neck warmer. i think she liked it, you never can tell with my mother.

here is a picture of all my lovely mothers day things, i love my flowes, they are just the right colour to brighten any grey day, i wish i brought flowes more often...maybe i will. my grandma always has fresh flowers in her house, i think she buys them when she does her weekly tuesday treck in to town, i suppose its her little treat to herself.

anyway thank you for looking

take care x

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