Thursday, 29 September 2011

my new makes

Hello all in blog land, what lovely fantastic weather?! its more like June than September.

I've been a busy bunny this week, my baby is now 5 days overdue and I'm so so bored, so i got the sewing machine out and made some bits and bobs for him.
first up is a wet bag, its supposed to be for reusable nappies and they are really big in America but i will just use it for wet and dirty clothing.

its made from a purple polka dot cotton and is supposed to have a fabric called  PUL inside, but seeing as this was my first wet bag and i had no idea how well it would turn out i just brought a cheep £1.75 shower curtain from Asda and cut it up. it worked well and wasn't hard to put together at all so i will definitely be making some for family. the zip was a little tricky to begin with as i haven't installed a zip since i was in college (nearly 14 yrs ago!) but it was a bit like riding a bike and i didn't forget how it was supposed to be done.

isn't it funny how fearless you are when you are younger? when i was in college i would sew up zips, trousers, corsets etc without thinking about it but now i have to read at least 3 tutorials and watch one YouTube video per item before i even choose the fabric!

 next up is my new obsession, burp cloths, again i think they are more of an American thing as we just have muslin's. I've made up loads with loads of different backings to see which works best. I've been having trouble sewing with the terry toweling so any tips on how to do this will be warmly welcome. Ive just been stabilising it with iron on interfacing to stop it being so stretchy, the only problem with this is that the terry fabric isn't as soft afterwards.

 and lastly I've been making personalised bunting for one of my dads Friend's, it turned out really well and it made me think that maybe i would like to try for another girl after this one is born (as the one that is due is definitely a boy).....and then i realised that lovely bunting and pretty dresses are not enough of an excuse to have a child and that i was being very silly indeed.

i hope you are all well and that the next time i post i will have a new baby to show off.
thank you all for your well wishes and nice comments on my previous blog posts

x Becci x


  1. You've made some great things, hope your bundle arrives pretty soon!! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I wish I had had a wet bag when mine were little! All your makes are brilliant :) I hope that monkey arrives soon!!! Come on Baby Bunny!!! We want to see your pictures :D

    Jo x

  3. Lovely makes - when I read the title I though he might have put in an appearance ;)

    Am sure when he does arrive he'd love some boyish bunting for his room - bunting is definately not just for girls :)

  4. Wow! You have definitely been nesting! Hope everything is going well, can't wait for your next blog post xxx


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