Monday, 19 September 2011

Im still here..... just mega tired. Im still preggers, im due on saturday. I saw the midwife today and she said that the head is engaged so we are just waiting for my body to get with the programme. Unfortunatly I went 10 days over with both of my other kids so im not hopefull. Thing 2 started nursery this week and has taken to it well but im so unbelievably huge I cant reach the sewing machine....which is making me very grumpy, its sods law that I get 3 hours to myself of a morning and I cant use it to sew. I may go back to crochet, anyone got any free and easy baby patterns? Ive made a few personalised buntings recently mostly for gifts but ive enjoyed it. Ive also joined a crafty forum over on the baby centre, its great but a little quiet sometimes, can anyone reccomend any busy crafty forums? And last but not least.....ive been trying to post comments on all of your lovely blogs for weeks now and blogger just wont let me. Ill keep trying I promise. Right you cant post a blog post without some pics so here they are....some personalised bunting.

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  1. Can't believe how quickly time has passed and you are now nearly due. Here's hoping this one arrives on time and I look forward to seeing lots of baby pics :)

  2. Oh bless you! It's no fun waiting, is it?
    Hope you find something to keep yourself busy while you wait!

  3. I remember the time just before giving birth - the waiting and feeling like I was the size of a house, too 'fat' to reach things - good luck and go well xxx


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