Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fabric crazy

Ok so I think I am actually fabric mad.i sold a load of things on ebay so I could buy some irregular choice shoes but instead I ended up spending it on fabric, what the hell is wrong with me?

I ordered this lovely fabric from an ebay shop called sew lala yesterday and it arrived today how amazing is that?

Anyway on friday night I put the sewing machine away and promised my hubby that I wouldnt get it back out again untill the baby is born and settled, well the sewing machine came back out on monday morning and no the baby is not born, I am sewing mad. Infact he is 3 days overdue and im one fed up, hot and grumpy mommy/crafter.

I hope you are all well and full of inspiration, and I hope I can reach the sewing machine a bit better soon.
x Becci x

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  1. tell hubby that sewing is your way of nesting, he he he. hope you pop soon, its not great being hot and huge. x

  2. You've got the nesting instinct bad eh!! Fabric is sooo yummy though :) hoping that baby boy lands soon!!!! :)

    Jo x

  3. Nesting is good :) hope baby is here soon xx


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