Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn swap

i recently took part in an Autumn swap organised by Blueberry Heart and i got paired with a lovely lady called Madison, check out her blog HERE.

anyway she sent me my parcel and i was so excited that i just ripped all the paper off without taking a picture but i promise you that is was very well wrapped with some lovely floral paper.

i was so spoilt by her, she sent me, an orange pot/candle holder which looks lovely on my shelves in my conservatory, some decorative pegs which will come in very useful when I've finally sorted out my inspiration line, a lovely notebook which I'm going to use to document all my crafty ideas, some brilliant handmade apples....not just one but a whole bunch of em. and last but not least 2 absolutely fabulous and very well made cardies for my new baby, i was really blown away by the quality of these and am very envious as i cant even hold knitting needles never mind create such fab items.

i did send Madison a box of things but because this was my first swap and i have a  bad case of baby brain (memory like a sieve) i forgot to picture them, i hope she liked them though.

I'm a big fan of swaps now and i intend of joining allot more, i really enjoyed looking at Madison's blog and trying to find things that i thought she may like. They are a great way to get to now each other and spread the bloggy love.

Thanks for reading
x Becci x

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