Monday, 16 May 2011

Mollie Makes

i purchased the first copy of Mollie Makes at the weekend, i paid for it, popped it safely in my bag and intended to read it from cover to cover when i got home whilst sipping a lovely cup of tea.......that was the plan anyway.

But i just couldnt wait so i had a little peek, then another then i read one article, and devoured all of the pictures and adverts. i couldnt help myself and before i knew it we were home and i had read the whole thing in the car :(.

I loved it. it is like reading my favorite blogs but its all handly printed out on lovely paper so i can take it with me. i will read this issue untill its dog eared and scruffy, i cant wait for issue 2!

check out for details of subscriptions, ive subscribed and the first 3 issues are only £5, what a bargain.


  1. I do similar, I promise myself that I will ration out but as soon as the magazine/cake/video/cd/dvd/whatever.... I gobble it up from page to page to last crumb to end credits!! So much for self control............

  2. I wish I could limit my lack of self control to magzines only but I have the same problem with cake too x


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