Saturday, 21 May 2011

Busy little bunny

Hi all, I've been a busy Bunny recently. I've become obsessed by bird boxes, i made one from scratch out of card board and now i have prettied up my old one that hangs outside my conservatory window. we have never had birds nesting in it and i think that is a bit down to the cat so i jazzed it up with some fake flowers and a glue gun.
 I also stuck my card birdhouse to the wall and made a little display on my cabinet. it still needs something adding to it but ill get there and please ignore the wall, it is intended to be plastered but first we have to lay the underfloor heating and put some plug sockets on the wall. So I'm sure the plastering and painting will happen soon (is 2013 soon?) if you can think of what may be missing from my display please let me know. I'm hoping to add some more brightly coloured glass and candles and maybe a plant.

 Also this week the kids spotted a frog in the garden, isn't he handsome? I'm not sure where he came from as we haven't got a pond in our garden or in the neighbours gardens, he must have travelled a long way and jumped some high fences to end up at our house! The girls wanted me to kiss him to see if he turned in to a prince but i declined, Disney has allot to answer for.

 Another thing I've been doing is rooting around in peoples bins, well not rooting this one was sitting at the top so i rescued it and gave it a new home. i love wicker, i have lots, too much in fact but one more piece didn't hurt anybody and now it holds some yummy smelling mint which makes the conservatory smell like a cottage herb garden.

I'm currently trying to stock up for a craft fair that I'm doing in August, i know that seems like ages away but I'm really unorganised so i decided to start now. I've never sold at a craft fair before so if you have any hints and tips id be glad to hear them. Anyway id better get back to it I'm supposed to be steam cleaning the bathroom...... yuck. Not my most favorite job. id rather be reading blogs :)
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  1. Cool basket! I am not adverse to fishing things out of bins either, got 6 picture frames last week.

  2. oh wow, love the cute birdhouses with gorgeous faux flowers, hahaha i agree abt the kissing the frog, ewwww! i love wicker basket too, i've been hunting for it for awhile in charity shops, no luck so far! i know i should be doing spring cleaning but distraction such as learning how to crochet always get in the way :) yeah i've been watching for days on crorchet tutorial in youtube, hopefully i'll get the hang of it soon :) have a great weekend!

  3. blogging over bathrooms any time! Love the prettified bird box x


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