Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I finally finished the birdhouse

My little birdies arrived today so I finished it off this morning. I am so happy with it, its not often I just make things for the sake of it im usually making things to sell or for other people. But I stumbled accross the teawagon tales blog and it had a tutorial and some very inspiring photos so I thought that it looked fun so I gave it a go,this is how it turned out.......

And this is what it looks like after ive had a play around with it on my new app on my new phone.

I got my new phone on saturday and although its not an Iphone like I wanted (im not paying the line rental on one of those!) Its still fab, I havnt put it down all week and it works just like my ipod touch and I love it, which is a good job really as ive got it untill I can upgrade un 2 years time. So far its been a good week. :) x x x

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