Thursday, 28 November 2013

The shop in the square

This is the shop in the square. It's located right in the center of Wolverhampton and it's well worth a visit. The whole shop is run by one very lovely manager called Charlotte and a team of dedicated volunteers and sellers. It is made up of 33(ish) local start up businesses and the stock includes candles soaps, woodwork, stationary, wire work, jewellary and of course sewn items and machine embroidery. There is even a supplies section where you can buy kits, beads, fabric and haberdashery. It's totally amazing how it fits all under one little roof. The quality of the work at is sold through the shop is amazing and because it is all handmade it is unique. I will be doing tons of my Christmas shopping here this year. I love buying and receiving handmade things. I find that I look after them more knowing the love and care that went in to each item and I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I have helped another artist/ crafter/ small business make a bit of money and give them confidence to carry on being creative. Not everyone appreciates handmade things but it would be awesome if we could all buy or make at least one crafted item this Christmas and the shop in the square is a good place to start! 

The shop in the square
Queens square
(Opposite the man on the horse) 

Some hair accessories made by me and scrabble rings by Katie at the oldskooleretrokitsch boutique.

Lovely memo boards and cushions by oldskooleretrokitsch boutique, glasses cases by minty pink custard and sock monkeys by cuddles and snuggles

A bit of haberdashery by me and wood work by crafty owls creations.

Embroidery samplers and some lovely jewellary 

There is tons more including soaps, chocolates, fascinations and even stained glass! 

Visit he facebook page for info on events and special shopping evenings

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