Sunday, 12 June 2011

Who likes strawberrys?

The answer and my family. Infact we did a P.Y.O trip at the weekend and managed to go a little mad. We ended up paying 7 quid for a basket of strawberrys. Ahhhh well im sure we will eat them, and we did enjoy a bit of time together in the sunshine so it was well worth it, the strawberrys were massive and very yummy and im sure the kids ate more than we paid for.

I love doing simple things like strawberry picking it makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have access to lovely activities like that. Has anyone else had any fun outdoors adventures recently?

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  1. We love going strawberry picking - though I think they should weight my boys before and after as despite my 'you can only sample one rule' - I just know they might have a few more!!

    I was having a lovely afternoon in the garden with my eldest helping - rain stopped that :(


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