Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bunting, Strawberrys and Tea with Alice

 As you can see from the picture i have been very busy sewing some bits and bobs, shopping and tea drinking. As i am doing my first craft fair in August i thought i would crack on and get some things made as i will be 34 weeks pregnant by then and unable to reach my sewing machine. ive made some bookmarks, strawberry pin cushions and bunting. what else do you think i should make? i plan on making some crochet brooches and cuffs, some teacup pin cushions and some upcycled tea light holders. i have a cupcake stand full of hair candy already made. I have never sold at a craft fair before and havnt a clue what to take so im just going to take what i have and see what goes down well, any suggestions you have would help me out lots as im sure i will be very nervous leading up to it.

 I got this lovely book from amazon last week and i cant put it down the pictures are amazing and the instructions seem to be clear and well thought out. i think i may actually make something from this craft book instead of just look through it. Also the lovely lady from down the road gave me some fabric which has now been washed and crammed carefully placed in to my ever growing fabric stash. i love fabric.

and last but not least here are some pics of the bunting i have been working on, they are up in my folksy shop but id love to hear any comments you may have about the photography, my blog/shop or even the bunting itself.
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  1. Pretty bunting - I had some of that blue with pink flower fabric - I loved it :)

    What about some boy bunting?

    I can never 2nd guess what I'll sell - but a good mix of prices is a good idea.

    And good luck :)

  2. I agree with the range of prices, I think it depends on you audience and it probably takes a few sales to begin to have an idea. Re sewing for boys. Look up patterns by figgys, that's who I got the shorts pattern from, I also have some in my folksy shop. X

  3. My lads wanted 'boy' bunting, so I agree.

    How about 'business cards' with your folksy details on, so that after the craft fayre, folk who saw your goodies can hopefully purchase on line

  4. Thanks for the advice ladies. Ive done my son and 3 nephews some bunting today so ill see how they like it and maybe make some more.

  5. Hi Beci,
    Thanks for poping by my blog and your lovely comments, I have no idea how big the blanket is going to be, I think I'm just going to keep going until I'm happy with the size [maybe until it's big enough for me and my little ones to have a snuggle under]

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, thats great news, I bet you cant wait to welcome your little darling into the family.

    I cant really help with any craft fayre advice but I do have to agree with the other ladies, bunting for little boys is a great idea as we crafters tend to stick to girlie pretty items, so something for boys is a great idea.
    I love the bunting and other items youve pictured above, I've only just picked up my copy of Molly Makes butI cant wait to have a go at making some of those cute strawberries.

    Take Care Ju x

  6. Thank you for visiting me the other day. I have seen that book is charming. Thinking I must get it.

    Love your CK cowboy mug!!!

    Happy weekend...and creating. your blog!

  7. Thank you so much for the advice and comments. Its nice to know that someone reads it. X

  8. Love the bunting, so pretty! I think for craft fairs lots of cheaper things and small, pocket money things I call them :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. i love the buntings you made, so adorable! and you have a cute cupcake sewing box, i'm visiting from bee happy and loving your blog so i hope you dont mind i become your follower :)

    I wish you great success on your craft fairs!

    Susan (

  10. I dont mind at all. The more the merrier x


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