Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Busy busy busy

Today has been filled with sewing and cooking. I love to do both of these as I get a great deal of satisfaction from making things for me and my family. I had a go at making some strawberrys from this months fabulous molly makes.

I had this lovely blue metal basket thing as a pressie when I was pregnant. It held a brilliant eddible bouqet made from fruit,it lived on my kitchen window sil untill recently and I was at a bit of a loss as what to do with it. But I think the strawberrys look just fine.

I also got some more yummy fabric in the post today. I think I may have a fabric
obsession,i buy some at least once a week.

And last but not least my yummy dinner. Its a sort of chick pea/ sweet potato chilli type soup. It was supposed to be just a vegie chilli but it didnt look right so I added a few things,blended it a bit and served with creme frache and naan bread.
Whatever it was it was utterly yummy and the slow cooker was soon empty.

I like to experiment with food and hardly ever follow a recipie to the letter. I find that the more I do it the more confident I become with flavours, its a fun learning adventure.

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  1. They are fab! You are quick off the mark getting stuck in with those strawbs the fabric is just perfect for it!
    Kandi x


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