Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ive been doing ALOT of thinking....

....and that cant be good?...can it? ive been looking around lots of very inspiring blogs, they all have beautiful pictures and brilliant narrative. ive fallen in love with a few of them because they are just so darn inspiring.i check them almost on a daily basis in the hope that the blogger has posted more lovely pictures to excite and inspire me.

im going to try and learn more about blogging, ive been looking in to what makes a good blog and id like to apply those findings to my own. i love to blog when i get the time, ive got so much running around in my head that its nice to get it all written down to mull over at a later date, and if it can bring some amusement to someone else than thats great too.

Anyway in future i am going to try and blog more often, im going to set aside an hour a week to blog my little heart out, im going to try and figure out how to make my home page look lovely and im going to take lots more photos. Id also like to stop waisting my time, somedays i look back and wonder what it is ive been up to all day, sure i childmind and i sometimes o use it as an excuse to not do much with myself ( not the kids, thay always get all of my attention )but i am going to do more in the garden maybe, the kids would love that im sure :)

anyway i was going to post some lovely pics of things ive been doing but blogger is being slow and ive gotta go get the littles from nursery. i hope to blog real soon x x x

P.S id love to know what you all do for a living im so nosey you see and i like to know how other ppl fit things in to their days.

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