Thursday, 17 March 2011

As i promised here are some pictures. ive been a busy bunny recently, i hate to sit around doing nothing, i get bored, depressed and sleepy. Id much rather be having a nice walk or doing some crochet. Recently i have taken up sewing again, i really need to get in to it again, my poor old sewing machine is looking very neglected and could probably do with a good service.

ive not been up to much, just work. It feels like all i do is work sometimes but i bet we all feel like that at some point in our lives, i always thought id be further along than this though, im 30 this year and always imagined id have a lush pad in the country by now. Never mind ill aim to have it by the time im 40.

im making alot for my home at the mo, here is a cute cosy for my cafetiere, it took no time at all i was really surprised by the outcome, i love it! i might make my mom one for mothers day.

And i also made a teacup pincushion for my new pins, it only took me 5 minutes, im definitely going to make more of these for gifts.

I got some fake cherries from china a while back and ive been wracking my brains on how to store them until i use them, they have just been sitting in the grey plastic bag they came in (what an awful shame)
They are so pretty so i decided to display them sort like cherry a jar (good huh?)

A nice bit of gingham ribbon just to finish the jar off, what do you think? it would be a shame to use them all now.

and last but not least, it was pancake day last week and i spent over an hour making 2 massive batches of pancakes. It took Mr B and the little buns just under 15 minutes to finish off the lot, thats gotta be a good thing ....right?

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