Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog from the forest

Today i went to Cannock chase, its a beautiful place especially when its sunny, which it was. the kids loved the woodland park ant the wildlife trail. but they really loved the enchanted fairy forest. its so cute, there are little sets of stairs carved in to the trees and little fairy doors put over them. inside the little doors is sprinkled fairy dust and above the little apartments, amongst the branches are stringed little washing lines with fairy clothing pegged to them. I'm not sure but i may have enjoyed it more than the kids! we plan on going back soon so i promise to get some more detailed photos.
Look how calm the woods look

And this is a picture of one of the fairy trees. can you see the little doors and washing line?

This was a lovely piece of woodland art, you can add to it yourself

I love it when the sun is shining, I'm so easily affected by the weather. Ive had good company, sunny weather and a rather nice Cappuchino so all in all one fab day

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