Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my first craft fair

This sunday just gone i attended my first craft fair as a seller. I was totally pooping myself. Im a very nervous person i dont really cope under pressure and can easley go in to a melt down but i am finding that actually if i push myself a little i can do all those things i thought i couldnt do.
     Anyway this craft fair was being run by a friend of mine so it was a perfect starter fair so i put my 50s inspired dress on, loaded up the car and tootled on down to womborne. I set up my stall ok, i met lots of lovely people but it wasnt really too busy so i didnt take much money. i dont mind though because i am now no longer a craft fair virgin so doing more crft fairs should be a breeze (thats the idea anyway).

 Here are the pikkies of my stall, i think they maybe needed a bit more height?

anyway im thinking of maybe running a craft fair abit closer to where i live as there is nothing (and i mean nothing......zilch....zero) creative going on in poor old codsall villiage, so if anyone has any tips on running a craft fir id love to hear em.

right im off, frankie needs feeding...........again

look at his cute little dicky bow and smile. how can i say no to that ?
take care
x Becci x

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  1. Yay well done you!!!!! I'd love to have a go at a craft fair.....maybe next year :) goodness me how cute is Frankie in his dicky bow!! Lol too cute for words :)

    Jo x


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